Christmas Reflections

Well another Christmas over. Come and gone in the blink of an eye.

I found myself thinking back to when the kids were little. They would wake us up at the crack of dawn to take us into the lounge to see if Santa had arrived. Hubby and I would watch with excitement as the kids would open their presents one by one, the sounds of happiness loudly working its way through the house. Presents were often bought through the year and placed on pay-by.

BUT the one thing I have always worked on is trying to give the kids a magical Christmas – not about the presents, but about family. About giving to people who are struggling. Most years we have gone down to the local K-mart and bought presents for the gift giving tree. This year we drove about 40 minutes away to a crisis center and gifted what was needed. My 20-year-old daughter and her boyfriend also played it forward.

This year as I look back on the Christmas, I realize that my kids held back on opening their presents. They wanted to see our faces as we opened the ones they had bought for us. The tables had turned and Graham and I were the kids I guess, squealing with glee. The gifts were well thought out and planned.

The biggest gift they gave me this year was in fact unknowingly gifting us the magic that we worked so hard to create all those years ago for them. They spent time with us, they laughed with us and they gifted to those less fortunate without any instigation on our behalf.

I could not be prouder of them.

Merry Belated Christmas to all of you. I hope the season ahead brings blessings in so many ways. May 2020 bring you happiness and joy. I look forward to another year of sharing my life with all of you.


Laurainne Marshall (AKA Lo) lives in Sydney, Australia with her 2 kids, Hayley and Jamie, and her soul mate of over 30 years, Graham. Their furbaby is a beautiful Groodle  named Jarrah.
Laurainne has many roles - Wife, Mother, Teacher and Musician. She believes that life is to be lived at full throttle and is deeply spiritual. Her motto is “Grab life and run.” She also believes one person can make a difference in this world and hopes that by sharing her life experiences, she might inspire a few people along the way.
When she is not teaching through the week, you can find Lo belting out 80s hits in her band Soundproofed. You can follow the band on Facebook.

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