Christmas cheer went AWOL

Post by Laurainne Marshall for the Kind Kindred series.

photo courtesy of Stockholm Our Way

Christmas has always been a huge part of my life. I grew up in a family that struggled financially, but my parents always managed to give us kids, when we were younger, something that was truly beautiful.As I grew older, I began to understand the true meaning of Christmas. You see, my dad always felt that no one should be alone during this special time. So often the house was filled with many that had nowhere to go. Our friends, workmates, even people my parents met were always welcome.Last year, I lost my Christmas spirit, and although we were staying in a beautiful beach-side house for the season, my heart and soul wasn’t in it.

This year I look back and realize how silly I was. I had let someone else take control of my life so much that I missed out on my favorite time of year.

So this year we will be celebrating in a way that my Dad inspired me to do. Lots of spirit and surprises, family filled sit down meals, a house filled with the smells, taste and look of Christmas. I will be baking with the kids in the lead up, making a special candle to burn, decorating the Christmas tree with the many ornaments made and bought over the years………..but most of all………..I will be celebrating my life and my family.

Don’t let anyone have such a negative impact on you that they take away beautiful moments from your life.


Laurainne Marshall is a 43 year old Mum, Teacher and Muso who lives in Sydney, Australia. 
She is constantly in search of spiritual awareness and happiness and her motto…..grab life and run.


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