Checklist to be a person

Joshua Espinoza said there’s a checklist of things you must do to be a person. Here’s mine.

How do you qualify as a person?

You must:
☐  Get your heart broken at least once
☐  Tie your shoelaces wrong and fall on your face
☐  Stare at a humongous tree for an inordinate time
☐  Experience the instincts that make you an animal: the pang of hunger, the deprivation of sleep, the lust for another body next to yours
☐  Experience the waves that nudge you beyond animal: getting moved by a painting, crying at a song, relishing in a clarity of self-awareness
☐  Do something stupid that’s also something wise
☐  Peel an orange for someone else
☐  Share your joys
☐  Touch your feet
☐  Take a look at your naked body
☐  Get astonished at how you…exist

rochi zalani
Rochi is a full-time writer for fancy tech companies. In her free time, she writes her newsletter and reads fiction.

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