Chatter Into Mantra with Hannah Marcotti

Guest Post by Hannah Marcotti for the Kind Kindred series.

Chatter Into Mantra

Pillow on the hard floor, holding the energy of my past breathes and surrenderings.

Candle lit, a quiet moment.

Music begins it’s embrace of the space, a cue for my body to remember. Puppy licks my fingers.

I am joy unfolding.

I am joy unfolding. This is my entry point. It repeats until the next mantra arrives.

patience. Oh, lots of chatter. Ah, yes, gratitude.

gratitude. The idea for an article arrives. I don’t judge it.

waves. I need to learn how to receive so I am better able to give. I don’t judge it. There is much of that showing up for me.


Many more mantras appear and are repeated.

I am. I am. I am.

Sat Nam.

Sat Nam. This is sung inside of my wandering meditation, I love when my meditation starts to sing.

The music softly fades.


My wandering mantra meditation is a kindness from my spirit. She reminds my frazzled and rough body, with signs that peek into my day, that I must return to the calmness of the meditation.

The mediation is my entry into remembering that I must feed my spirit so she can guide my body. The wandering meditation is how I deal with the mind chatter. To not judge the thought, I simply allow the mantra to flow into meditation, knowing that it is exactly what I need to be repeating in that moment. Allowing myself to detach from the last thought that exploded in.

Detach from our thoughts. Connect with kindness of spirit. Our spirit feels the weight of the attachments we carry around, often as judgements for why we aren’t good enough. When we allow moments to detach, that heaviness is lifted and we create space for our joys to come tumbling in.

After the wandering mantra meditation I write with inspiration and have a clarity of how much more kindness I must start showing myself. I feel myself standing in my truth.

I move from the judgement of why my jeans are feeling tight to the truth of who I am. I am someone whose weight fluctuates. I move from the depletion of feeling dehydrated to making myself a warm lemon water to sip as I write.

Sometimes I cry. It feels so beautiful to connect to my spirit so lovingly that she allows tears that say, thank you sweet body of mine.

Gratitude. Kindness. Kindred.


Hannah Marcotti believes that you + joy = the gorgeous life. The gorgeous life is the sparkle, the joy, the magical moments. It is your food intuition, your deep body knowledge, your desire. It is space, it is touch, it is yours. She is the coach who will guide your course there. Hannah can be found dancing in the joy of her own life surrounded by three kids, a puppy and a beautiful man she has had the pleasure of being with for 18 years. Writing, business coaching and helping others discover their joy in this world is her purpose, proving that we can take action on whatever our heart is willing to dream up. Dream, define and take the action your heart desires is her daily mantra.


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