Changing with the Seasons

Post by Lynn DeVasto for the Kind Kindred series.

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Even though we technically have 3 more weeks of summer left, it feels like fall. The tell-tale signs of leaves falling have already started. Knowing the drastic changes that are coming weather-wise makes it easier for me to note the lessons learned in my life, kinda like a New Year’s re-set.

Change doesn’t happen unless we make it happen. I simply cannot change the world if I refuse to help myself. Although I have known for a loooonnnngggg time that I can’t change others, I have no chance of being a resource for life changing help if I’m not a good role model for myself. I am constantly complaining about certain people in my life who have horrible eating habits. But instead of setting a good example, I have painfully noticed that in order to not make them feel bad, I instead “dumbed down” my food to suit them. When I could have insisted on making some grilled chicken and veggies (even if just for myself), I would get a grilled chicken sandwich from the big yellow M in the sky. Truly, sometimes this IS the best choice you can make, but not quite as often as I was making this my “best choice”. Instead of setting a good example, and doing for ME, I caved in to peer pressure, I didn’t want to be the party pooper and therefore, I made less than ideal decisions.

Nowadays, I’m doing for me. It is a better choice and my peeps are proud of me. They are doing what works for them and so am I. Really, nobody cares what I eat or drink, they care about what they eat and drink. But my realization of how this happened made me realize how diligent I need to be, and how carefully I need to look at my motives for doing something that doesn’t feel right for me.

Fall is a perfect time to take a look at what changes you want to make and why. I would love to hear what’s in store for you this season!

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Lynn DeVasto is the owner of Live and Love Your Life, which helps you deal with the trifecta of Food, Fitness and Feelings. She has taken her experience of losing 90 pounds and her certifications in Personal Training, Holistic Wellness Coaching, Sports Nutrition and Barre to create a premium coaching experience. This allows you manage your health in a way that works for you instead of against you. Click HERE to get her juicy tips to Live and Love Your Life!

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