Change Your Life by Changing Your Words

Words matter. The way we speak to ourselves, our family and our children matters. There is an idea that if no physical mark has been left behind then everything is okay – there is no damage being done. But this is not true, which is why the biggest way to change your life is through your words.

Do you want better relationships with your friends, coworkers, family and children?

Do you want to be healthier and happier with yourself?

Take a look at the words you choose to use each and every day. Your choice of words can either build connections or create cracks.

Action steps:

  1. Take some time today (10 minutes or so), pull out your journal and reflect on how you talk to yourself and the other people you come in contact with. Get specific. Dig deep and think about the ways in which you communicate with others and write it down. What words do you usually say?
  1. Next, write down the words you use when speaking specifically to yourself. What words/phrases do you usually use? Think about when you woke up this morning. What were your first thoughts? What did you think about as you got up and started moving about?
  1. If you realize the words you are using aren’t the best choices for leading an emotionally healthy life you can do something about it. Life is always changing and never stays the same and that goes for you, too! Take those words/phrases and create new ones that will better serve you and those around you. You can do this by writing them down in your journal or writing them on index cards that you can keep with you. Then review these new choices each day to keep them fresh in your mind. An example of this: “I can’t lose weight. I will never lose weight.” Flip it: “I am in the process of losing weight. I make healthy choices for my body.” We want to send words like can’t and never to the land of exile.

Surround yourself with the words that you want to have actively running through your mind. Today, make a choice to tell your negative words goodbye and actively choose to replace them with something more kind and nourishing.

Christina is a Binge Eating & Happiness coach for women who want to conquer binge eating for good so they can create sustainable weight loss & finally have the freedom to pursue the life they know they deserve. She teaches people how to create happy and healthy lives. Connect with her on Facebook.

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