Celebrating Every Piece

Post by Jo Anna Rothman.

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Celebrating Every Piece

I could feel the density. In me. Old patterns showing up. Suddenly. To be dealt with, no doubt. That is what I thought, at least. I was dancing…because these days that is what I do when something comes up. When old ways show their faces or new feelings need expressing…I dance. I stood in corner for a moment, drinking my water. Pondering how to deal with these thoughts. Feelings. The desire to isolate. To run. To hide. Old ways wanting to have their place in my life once again. I could feel the push and pull. The war wanting to brew inside of me. ?

I had been dancing with these patterns. I had been sending them love. I had been trying to get them to change. To leave. I was whispering, “it’s ok. It’s ok,” over and over. Wanting that to be true. Wanting them to go away. They were stuck. I was stuck. ??

I did as I know how to do. I took a deep breath. A set an intention to heal. To love. I felt the energy as it tumbled around in my body. I heard a voice come up from within me…”What makes me so fucking wrong?”??

The old energy I was carrying was talking to me. Snarky as snarky could be. And just as right as well. ??

I thought…”Oh right. Why is it wrong? Why am I wrong? What if this part deserved to be celebrated like all the aspects that I am so keen on sharing with the world? Maybe I needed more than love…maybe I needed more than acceptance? Maybe I needed celebration?”

??There could be no sympathy. No platitudes. No, “oh you sweet thing…” said in a way that made any part of me wrong for feeling whatever righteous emotions it was holding on to. There could be none of that. There could only be me. Shining out this part in the same way I honor my creativity. My connection. My love. It’s all the same any way. All a part of me. All a facet of the creation that is my human human experience. I get to love and celebrate every single freaking bit. No hiding in the shadows. No trying to make it ok. Just the recognition that is has always been way more than OK. The recognition of wholeness. From there…celebration.

??You know what I did…I danced. I celebrated. A full on party in the name of isolation. In the name of running away. In the name of that parts and pieces that I thought I needed to hide away. A party for me. And suddenly, all those old patterns threw up their hands…sacrificing their stories for the good of the celebration. ?

I’m Jo Anna. Jo Anna Rothman, MA if you are being fancy. I’m a Wizardess of love. Mistress of change. Conjurer of Electric Creative Wholeness.

I am here to invite and inspire you to live the best human experience ever. I connect folks to their soul, their purpose, their absolute and amazing joy. I coach. I write. I facilitate the amazing Receiving Project.  Most of all, I have a damn good time!

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