Celebrate Self-Love

Last week was Valentine’s Day, or Galentine’s Day, or I Love You Day, or a Hallmark Holiday – whatever you call it, it happened on February 14th. Traditionally, it’s been a day to celebrate romantic love. Recently there have been such beautiful additional celebrations popping up. This year I had the pleasure of participating in an event celebrating self-love. Several women, powered by KOM writer Sherry Belul, got together to celebrate self-love and it’s still on my mind.

Self-love can get a bad wrap. So many women I know worry about seeming conceited or selfish or weird if they talk about self-love. Obviously that means I’m going to talk about it even more, because no love should ever be something we’re ashamed of, and self-love especially should be a celebration!

So let’s celebrate!

What are the ways you show yourself that you love yourself? Maybe it’s something as simple as getting enough sleep. Maybe it’s a more challenging way like showing love to your body (even on the days when it hurts).

How do others know you love yourself? Maybe they hear you using kind words to describe yourself, or maybe they see you letting yourself off the hook even when you make a mistake.

Reflect on the goodness that loving yourself has brought to your life. Do you feel calmer, more grounded, happier? Do you find yourself feeling more connected to yourself and those closest to you?

Whatever came to mind as you read through the prompts above, hold onto that. Take some time to celebrate yourself for giving you the love you deserve…because that deserves a celebration and so do you.

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