Can You? : a poem + a giveaway

Poetry by Julia Fehrenbacher of Painted Path.

print by Julia Fehrenbacher on Etsy
Can You?

Can you, for just a minute
the white tablecloth, the washing
the sorting, the scanning
the lists, the date books
the .coms, the inbox
the goals, the resolutions
the plans, the labels, the schedule, the old
the scars, the scales, the bruises
the pains, the aches
the what ifs, the should haves
the pointing fingers
the too small boxes
the questions, the containers
the dividers, the protectors
the sickening

Can you, for just a minute
the voices that howl madly
at your old, tired
little self?

For a brave minute or two
can you pry open the bars

and listen
to the wordless –
to the hum
to that which births snowflakes
and stars and sighs
and moonlit little streams?

On this frozen winter night
when your heart
especially needs warming, I’m wondering

can you, for just a minute
get quiet enough to hear
the silent
of this one precious
of this one
precious breath?

Julia Fehrenbacher is a writer, a poet, and a painter. Her life’s work is to step into her truest, most empowered self so that she may guide others to the same. She lives in Corvallis, Oregon, with her husband and two little girls.

Some Words + a Giveaway!

On the Other Side of Fear
Poetry & Art by Julia Fehrenbacher
Julia has been a guest poet on KOM many times over the last year, you can click here to get a taste of her gorgeousness. I ADORE her & her work beyond words.

Last month, her book of art & poems, On the Other Side of Fear, was published by Balboa Press (a division of Hay House!) Eeeeee! I can only barely begin to tell you how incredible it is. It’s a divine experience. It’s one of those books that you want to give to everyone that you love.

Sitting down with this book is like Julia taking your hand & saying, it’s okay love, come with me, & you don’t crawl to the center of yourself, you don’t walk into your core, you don’t even run, Julia asks you to leap with her. As you read the words, as you are falling with her, from the moment your feet lift from the edge with the first line, her words start to peel away all those layers we tend to hide ourselves with sometimes, our half-truths, our masks. So, you’re reading & you’re falling, & Julia is baring her soul. So she can see herself. So you can see her. All the while encouraging you to do the same. So she can see you. So you can see you. When you get to your center, you’re standing naked as fuck with her, on the ground, feeling lighter than a leaf & loved, all those stories, all those layers, are scattered all over the ground & your heart is as wide-open as the sky… & she says again:

Take my hand, let’s roam
let’s pause
at the edge of the stream
no wants
no words
no worries
just the Light in you dancing
with the Light
that is me

It’s only then that you realize, that you think, but I don’t remember letting go of her hand, but you did.

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Good Luck & Love everyone & Happy Friday, I hope your weekend shines!


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