Can we mesh the sacred & the profane?

Post by Brandy Walker for the Kindness in Business series.

Can we mesh the sacred & the profane?

It was a video on KOM where I first shared what I know now is my true calling. I am a digital pastor. I can’t not talk about God.

I know this because I’ve tried. I’ve tried because I’m an entrepreneur, too, and there’s so much tension there. How do you mix God and business? Is digital pastor just the evolution of the televangelist? Jesus, I hope not.

Last July I attended the World Domination Summit and, well, it wrecked me. Between Brené Brown and Scott Harrison and the $100 investment, I walked away wholly shaking. In dire need of time to process the explosion of thoughts and schemes and convictions I felt in my heart. I took down my blog and began to dream of its reincarnation: a free online magazine filled with subversive good news and world-changing ideas. The Bomb Shelter, we’d call it, a safe haven from the often frenzied and polarized interwebs. I wanted the biggest welcome mat I could find and discovered in that search that I might not be able to include the word “Christian”. Because as much as we talk about it, Christians just aren’t known for how big we love.

My husband and I launched TBS in October 2012 and I love where its going. I think we’re on to something meaningful and fabulous and I wouldn’t change a thing. But I wasn’t expecting to miss the God talk. It felt like a piece of my heart was missing. And I tried to push past it. It was better, I told myself. Mixing God and business is dicey work. I could love people deeper and change the world more this way. I wouldn’t have to hide my God-love, but I didn’t have to wear it on my sleeve.

I believe deep in my soul that God cares more about how we love people than how right we are about the doctrine we hold dear. I don’t claim to have all the answers. I don’t want them. I think that one of the best ways we love God is by caring for other people. I wanted to create a space where we could talk about changing the world and not get hung up on who is saving who. All of us, hurting. All of us, in need of others to help bear our wounds and burdens, self-inflicted or otherwise.

But how do you sell that? Can we mesh the sacred and the profane and not end up with a bad taste in our mouths?

I’m learning that the answer to that question is YES. A thousand times yes. Because everything is sacred. And when you operate from that principle, the divine inclusivity I feel in my core opens doors that takes words like digital pastor, entrepreneur and puts them together with a holy and.

Last month I gave myself over to the truths that had been stirring in my heart since TBS launched. In a whirlwind of a week I relaunched my blog, brandyglows, and launched my very first eCourse, for the season of Lent! Friends, do you want to know what was most startling? I had more success in these endeavors than I had ever had in my business to date. This is my calling, yo. Mixing God and business is what I’m supposed to do.

And that’s crazy-making. But it’s so so beautiful. And it feeds souls because the nonsensical nature of it is exactly why it makes sense. When the question is: Is it possible to get paid to genuinely love people? The answer may play out differently for every one of us, but it’s always, always yes.

Brandy Walker was in kindergarten, she used to get in trouble for daydreaming. Now she works as a professional daydreamer. She writes to change the world. She performs poetic presentations at conferences and colleges in hopes of spreading shalom as far as it will go. She’s a mom, a Jon Stewart groupie, and an irresponsible optimist. She talks about voice, purpose, feminism, and a new kind of Christianity on her blog, brandyglows, and she co-founded The Bomb Shelter with her very funny husband. She helps people help people and excavate their own beautiful voice in the Shalom Sessions.


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