You Can Fall but You Can Also Rise

I’ve fallen many times. Failed, stumbled, balked, messed up…there are many kinds of falls. Some are small, like hitting Reply on an email instead of Forward. Some are big, like making a bad financial decision. I bet you’ve fallen, too. Maybe you’re thinking about some recent falls in this moment.

I’ve also risen. I’ve successfully changed careers a couple of times, and if you pop back here on Weds the 31st you’ll get to share in one of my biggest rises. (Hint: It’s a book!)

Both can be true. Falling does not mean eternal failure and rising does not mean eternal success. It’s tempting to want to get sucked into our natural human desire to label things. I love to put things neatly in a category…but that rarely serves me. Life is so rarely black and white. People are multi-faceted and complicated, and that truth applies to all of us.

We are messy, complicated, glorious creatures and trying to fit ourselves into a label or a category is doing ourselves a huge disservice.

Now, I’m not going to tell you that the falls don’t suck, because they totally do. What I am going to tell you is that you can (and will) also rise. Try to spend some time in the space of both being true. Honor your complicated, multi-faceted, glorious self by remembering this truth.

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