Can Acts of Kindness Boost Your Health and Well Being?

Random Displays of Kindness

Mother Teresa once said, “We can’t do extraordinary things on this planet, just little things with incredible love.” This means that little displays of kindness reflect in our entire lives. For instance:

  • It is kind to let somebody go ahead of you in gridlock or a queue.
  • You can stop for a few minutes to converse with an old neighbor, even if you are in a rush.
  • Giving a helping hand to a colleague behind on a deadline, although this would mean that you will have to stay late at work.
  • Giving a dinner invitation or gift card for supper to someone in need or to a couple you know who may be facing some challenging situations.

Can Acts of Kindness Boost Your Health and Well Being?

An act of kindness can make you feel united with others. You reduce distance, and you improve the feeling that we are more alike than different. Feeling attached connects us instead of separating us. Kindness is potent in bolstering a sense of connectivity and belonging. Empathy and kindness also decrease tension, support our immunity and help minimize negative feelings such as outrage, anxiety and distress.

What Happens When We Display Random Acts of Kindness?

  • There is a ripple effect. We feel good and the beneficiaries of our actions feel much improved, which makes them more likely to be caring to others.
  • It can deliver neuro-chemicals that bring about a feeling similar to that of a feeling of victory. The “partner’s high,” as Peggy Payne and Allan Luks note, portray the recuperating intensity of doing great. The same neural pathways that are engaged with substance “highs” are initiated by kindness and sympathy.
  • It can reduce pain. Kind actions deliver dopamine, serotonin and other feel good brain chemicals.
  • It improves the production of oxytocin, when at least two individuals are occupied with kind acts together. Thus, connections between the individuals who are caring for each other are more intense.

Kindness is a gift of giving – of wanting to lift problems for others or to provide some help or a source of empathy. It lifts us powerfully.

Search for occasions to be kind and compare how you feel after your kind gestures with how you felt before. You will encounter the bonuses very quickly. It is said that one display of a little act of kindness can deliver a colossal chain of positive functions. Kindness is contagious and something we all need and can spread to others.

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