Book Giveaway Winners

Book Giveaway Winners!!

CJ Schepers has graciously agreed to give 2 copies of her book, The Life Raft, to KOM readers.

Congratulations to Joyce Bugbee and Terri Laird.

Look for more book giveaways on Kind Over Matter in 2018!

Known as “champion of the weary and the brave,” CJ Schepers is an award-winning journalist, veteran ghostwriter, book editor and book proposal pro who helps authors write the book that must be born. A feline lover, she also has an online store of cat fashion and home décor at Blackcat-Whitecat Style. CJ is currently writing a sci-fi fantasy series called "Blackcat-Whitecat: The Land of Lost Dreams" and offers KOM readers a free 20-minute consultation regarding their own book. Reach out to her at Rowwwrrrr.

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