Book Giveaway Winner!!

Edwin Faust has graciously agreed to give a copy of his book “The Hero of Our Story” to one lucky KOM reader.

Congratulations to Kimberly Gladman!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this contest.

Look for more giveaways on Kind Over Matter!

edwin faust
Edwin Faust has published more than 200 articles on spirituality, mostly on Catholic mysticism. He now devotes himself to trying to make Vedanta intelligible to all who are searching for clarity amid the strident modern marketplace of ideas and identities. Vedanta, the vision of non-duality, is the summit of knowledge and the source of lasting happiness, which is what everyone is looking for but few ever find. A lifetime of study, travel, meditation, prayer and relentless questioning has brought Edwin Faust to Vedanta and he has distilled the fruit of his quest into the pages of this lucid and eminently readable work, "The Hero of Our Story." He lives in Jasper, Georgia.

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