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The excerpt below is from Digesting the Universe: A Revolutionary Framework for Healthy Metabolism Function (Tao Healing, 2016), by Nan Lu, OMD with Ellen Schaplowsky.

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The Power of Beliefs—Mind and Metabolism Function

“No matter how well you follow your doctor’s instructions, how faithfully you take medication, no matter what you eat or what diet you follow, or how regularly you exercise, if the energetic frequencies of your emotions cannot be processed or digested easily, your body will have a conversation with you by producing a physical effect somewhere. It’s just a matter of degree. Your body is a living, 3D mirror that faithfully reflects the invisible condition of your mind, emotions, and ultimately, spirit. When you understand this, you will have a better appreciation of beliefs and the power of their servant, the mind.

Beliefs are built up over a lifetime. In the end, you create your own reality from these convictions. As we’ve seen, beliefs produce thoughts; these thoughts, in turn generate emotions and these emotions impact organ function. At every moment, you create your health through beliefs; you are the person responsible for your own healing. I tell my patients: Life is in God’s hands; healing is in their hands. I say the same thing to readers: Life is in God’s hands; healing is in your hands. What kind of beliefs do you carry? What thoughts do they create? Are you kind to yourself? Do you send yourself loving, positive messages? What emotions do your thoughts generate? What choices and actions do they influence? All of the mind’s actions, including thoughts, emotions, feelings, intentions, desires, wishes and more are based on beliefs, which shape our reality. We literally function in the body of our beliefs.

Choosing Your Beliefs; Creating Your Reality

The mind is an elusive thing. It travels between the visible and invisible. It is dynamic, moving energy, similar to electrons and positrons at the subatomic level. It’s easy to see the solid physical structure that makes up our third-dimensional body; it’s far different to see what makes up the psychic structure of beliefs in our invisible mind. I hope our quantum journey through the mind is helping you gain a more profound look at the reality you have created for yourself. The mind chooses what it wants to connect to, based on beliefs that it’s formed. Think about it this way: There are untold numbers of Internet addresses, but if you want to go to a specific address, i.e., choose a different belief, you have to make a deliberate choice. You have to put in the address perfectly. With one typo or one word out of place, you will connect to an entirely different destination or belief. I hope you can see the mind’s role in this process. I tell my patients and students, “Don’t search the Internet for answers; search your ‘Innernet’!”

The first requirement for making new connections is belief; the mind has to believe the address exists. At the deepest level, the mind and the spirit have to believe. Then, you have to make the attempt to connect. Belief is the first requirement. Often, we find ourselves face to face with the unhealthy effects of the mind without understanding the source of the emotions or feelings we’re processing. How can we change this situation? The answer sounds simple, but often, it’s not so easy: Change your belief so you can change your channel! Think about it this way: When you turn on the television, you can tune into your favorite program. This is the choice you’ve made. This is what you want to experience tonight, possibly every night. When the program ends and you turn off the set, it doesn’t mean the images in the airwaves disappear or don’t exist anymore. They do. Think of the TV screen or device the program appears on as a representation of your body. When you turn your set on, you have the ability to tune into different channels, in this case, different beliefs. You are the person who chooses. It depends on which channel, or belief, you would like to tune into. What do you want to play on your 3D screen? Different beliefs are like the airwaves; they’re always there. The real question is which healthy belief can you tune into? Which channel do you want to experience? Remember, the five stages of metabolism function begin with “receiving.” Nothing enters your body without your mind’s permission. Beliefs we hold cause our minds to associate with the particular thoughts we’d like to express. These thoughts generate actual energetic frequencies that help us express our spirit in this reality. Think of how creative this process is!

Sometimes, it’s very difficult to give up a belief. If we can change the negative ones that impact health, we can make tremendous healing progress. In effect, changing beliefs lets us switch channels. It saves us from dwelling over and over on ideas and situations that continue to cause unbalanced emotions, and consequently feed illness and disease. There are so many channels and programs to choose from, so many websites and destinations to visit. Ask yourself, “What is my purpose for choosing the belief I want to hold onto?” Remember, we never choose anything we don’t believe will benefit us, in some way. When you recognize that the things you want to focus on in your life is your choice, you will see you already possess the power to tune into new channels and change beliefs. This way, your whole life can become happier and lighter. Your health can improve. I ask my patients, as I ask you, “What do you want to focus on?” We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.

Your mind is the most powerful partner you have for creating healthy metabolism function. In fact, it’s the energetic engine that drives metabolism function. Can you appreciate your body’s oneness and inseparability? The healthful choices we make in terms of beliefs support the highest level of metabolism function. Remember this simple truth: If you always associate with the good, you will become the good. If you associate with the negative, you become the negative. This is the real power of attraction that energetic frequencies exert on each other. You can improve your metabolism function every day by choosing positive, kind, healthful beliefs. When beliefs change, the same eyes can look at the same reality and see different things. Then, different outcomes are possible. This shift represents a real-life example of Einstein’s relativity. It tells us that when we change our angle of view, we see different things. That’s because we each see reality from our own perspective. We may all look at a sunset at the beach; however, you will see it at a different angle than I do. Someone else may be on his or her deck, or on another beach. We all will see this beautiful sunset, but it will be uniquely our beautiful sunset, somehow the same, but somehow special to us. Why? Because of the angle of our view! Each of us exists in a different space, so, our time is different as well.”

When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.


Nan Lu, OMD, Grand Master of Wu Ming Qigong, is the country’s foremost spiritual leader, practitioner and teacher of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) because of his unique dedication to the preservation of ancient lineage knowledge not found in textbooks. He is the founder of New York City’s Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation, which is the leading educational organization in the U.S. for TCM. For more than two decades, the Foundation has inspired tens of thousands of individuals with health and wellness programs that have allowed them to discover their self-healing abilities. Master Lu is also founder of the long-running educational forum Building Bridges of Integration for Traditional Chinese Medicine for integrative healthcare professionals. His latest book Digesting the Universe: A Revolutionary Framework for Healthy Metabolism Function is out now. Learn more about the book and Master Lu on his websites, and

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