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We Are The Mothers examines what it’s like as a new mother of two. In the poems is the beauty, the pain and the surrender of motherhood in daily life over the course of six months.


Before You Two, There Was Us Two

As we sit in Panera
Your coffee
And my decaf
We decide we don’t remember
How to have fun

It’s the nap times
And the diapers
The short attention spans
The prices

But most of all
It’s us
We forgot
How to be ourselves

The cookies we bought
Are delicious
We agree
They taste like big, puffy oreos
At least that’s a start
A small beginning
To enjoy something

I Don’t Like This Part

It’s a better day
There were pancakes
And syrup
Warm, fuzzy socks
And please and thank yous

I don’t want you to think
I only love you
When you’re good
I love you even when
I’m telling you to stop
And putting you in time out

It’s sometimes hard for me to remember
You are only two
Just learning how to be here with us
And all of our

How We Bend And Snap

Mothers are contortionists
Of the invisible kind
We are able to shrink ourselves
Down to the smallest speck
Our needs
Our wants
Mere passing thoughts
Undetectable to the common observer

In our next trick
We grow large
Become the most
Important person in our homes
In the lives of our dependables

I fear
I know
Our magical tricks
Are anything
But magical

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NOTE: You can purchase Angela’s book on Amazon.

Angela Theresa is a mother, writer and coffee drinker. Her first book of poems "We Are The Mothers" is now available on Amazon.
You can find her on her Substack.

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