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Excerpt: “You’re Feeling Insecure About Your Body” from the BODY section


Do you remember the last time you felt comfortable and happy within yourself?

How old were you?

Can you even remember?

What was different back then? When was your turning point? When was the day you woke up and decided your body wasn’t good enough?

Maybe this is a thought that only enters your mind now and then. But maybe it never leaves, hanging over you like an endless rain cloud.

When you find yourself plagued with insecurities about the way you look, I want you to know it’s normal to have bad days. Days when none of your clothes fit right. Days when looking in the mirror is hard work. And days when you’re just not happy. Every single woman on this planet has those kind of days, I promise you that.

When you find yourself stuck in a spiral of negative thoughts, please remember that nobody is perfect. Nobody has the perfect face, the perfect body, or the perfect life, where nothing ever goes wrong and everything is all smiles, rainbows, and unicorns.

Maybe today you’re struggling, thinking that your stomach is too round, your thighs are too thick, or your boobs too small. Maybe you woke up today and you believe your skin is too dark, you stand too tall, or your nose is too prominent. Tomorrow, it’ll be something else. Please know that every body is different. Completely so. You are utterly unique to this world. Those parts of you that you believe to be flaws might be the very parts of you that somebody else finds the most beauty in.

Today make a promise to yourself to stop spending time with people who bring you down, and stop surrounding yourself with things that make you question your appearance. Stop hanging out with anyone who makes you feel less than beautiful. Stop looking at those crappy gossip magazines and buying into how much weight the latest it-girl lost. Stop worshiping those size 0 models you see up on the catwalk, wondering why you don’t look that way. Just stop.

All of this is nothing but garbage. It’s created to sell you a life, which they convince you that you need and want. But you don’t need it. You don’t.

Instead of losing your thoughts to whatever isn’t making you feel good right now, take this moment right here to focus on all of the parts you adore about yourself. Maybe it’s your full lips, your infectious dimpled smile, or your ocean blue eyes. Maybe it’s the way your hair falls perfectly across your face without you trying, maybe it’s your dainty little fingers or toes, or maybe it’s your gorgeous caramel-colored, silky-smooth skin.

Take out a notebook and your favorite pen and make a list. A list of all those things you LOVE. All of those beautiful things you have to be thankful for. All of that beauty you’ve been ignoring today. And once you’re done, take the time to read over your list and allow yourself to feel like a Goddess.

Focus on your favorite parts. Choose to accentuate them today, and tomorrow, and the day after. Make a real show of them. Put on your favourite outfit, indulge in your most popping shade of lippy, spritz on your favorite scent, and do something today that promises to lift your spirits. Because beautiful, the oldest tale in the book is this: when you feel good, you will look good. What lies on the inside of you will always radiate from the outside.

And please remember, you are so much more than the way you look. Beauty is far more than skin deep. It runs through our veins, it beats from our heart; it is everything we think, breathe, and live.

Shani is a writer, bestselling author and self-love advocate. She runs her own content creation business, based in the UK. She is the author of Bloom: A Gift For The Girl Learning To Love Her Beautiful Soul and The Babe Bible. Her writing has been featured on many internationally recognized platforms including The Huffington Post, Teen Vogue and Thought Catalog. In 2016 Shani founded The Glow Getter Tribe – a self-love & kindness movement which helps young girls & women worldwide feel happy, confident and beautiful starting from the inside out. Join the tribe today and take part in the free 7 day self-love challenge!
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