Book Giveaway and Excerpt: Say it Now; 33 Creative Ways to Say I Love You to the Most Important People in Your Life

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Please enjoy this excerpt from “Say it Now; 33 Creative Ways to Say I Love You to the Most Important People in Your Life” by Sherry Richert Belul.
(Ideas in this book are great to use for birthday or anniversary gifts!)

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In “Say It Now” Sherry Richert Belul offers 33 creative ways to say “I love you” to the most important people in your life – through words, actions and meaningful gifts.

Sherry shares classic ideas (writing a list of “10 reasons why you’re amazing”), thoughtful ideas (driving your friend to their divorce hearing so they don’t have to go alone), zany ideas (a bubble flash mob in the park), simple projects (filling a glass jar with compliments for a friend) and quick projects that take thirty seconds or less (recording a video message to cheer up a sick relative who’s recuperating at home).

You don’t need to be an “artist” or a “crafty person” in order to follow Sherry’s instructions – and you don’t need tons of time, either. Most of her suggestions require nothing more than some paper, a pen and a couple of minutes. Sherry reminds readers that the greatest gift of all is simply a few moments of your undivided attention.

In addition to dozens of gift-making and letter-writing ideas, “Say It Now” includes moving stories that will bring readers to tears – stories about the importance of appreciating each day and never taking it for granted.

“Say It Now” will inspire readers to hug their kids tightly, call their mom for a long overdue chat, whip together a handmade gift and say the words that need to be said.

Excerpt: I Love You: #15 – Daydream Vacation

Do you know someone who’s obsessed with New York City, Tokyo, Milan, or some other faraway place? Let’s say she loves Paris – ooh-la-la! – but you don’t have the time or Euros to take her there right now. You can let her know that you’re paying attention to her dreams by gifting her with a fantasy getaway. I call this a Daydream Vacation.

For example, instead of booking two plane tickets to Paris, you could bring Paris right to your hometown. You could plan dinner at a fancy French restaurant or have croissants at a café (avec ambiance!) or try some French cooking right in your own kitchen. During your time together, play some French music, watch a movie like Amelie, or dance the Can-Can like you’re at the Moulin Rouge. You could also spritz your recipient with French perfume and whisper “je t’aime.”

Try to create the experience that your recipient has been longing for, even if you can’t yet afford the whole enchilada (or coq au vin) just yet.

At the end of your evening or outing, give your lucky recipient a piggy bank with a little bit of cash inside. You can say, “This is a savings jar, so we can start saving up for the real trip.” Even $10 or $20 is a great start! Over the next few months, you can both add money to the Frenchie account. It might take several months, or even years, but imagine the joy that you’ll both feel when you count up the cash and realize, “We did it! We’re going to Paaaaaarrriiiiisss!” Sometimes delayed gratification is so much sweeter than instant gratification.

My beau, Ian, inspired this gift idea. He even went one step further and made me a piggy bank, complete with a little gondolier’s cap on the piggy’s head. I loved the personal touch!

What’s so spectacular about this gift is that you’re not only showing your loved one that you want to help make their dreams come true, you are also giving them a taste of it now. Plus, you’re creating the shared joy of anticipating the future trip together. You can start talking about the boat ride on the Seine or the art galleries you’ll visit in NYC or how it will feel to ride a horse across the wide-open plains of Montana, or wherever you’re dreaming about going. You can plan together and enjoy the trip well in advance of packing and taking to the skies!

Side-note: If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, and you know someone who’s dreaming about a trip to Italy, you can take an authentic gondola ride on Oakland’s Lake Merritt. I found this out – by total surprise – the evening when Ian took me for a motorcycle ride, drove to the lake, and a gleaming ornate gondola awaited us. The gondolier sang romantic Italian songs as we sipped the Italian wine Ian had thought to bring, along with beautiful glasses and some chocolate treats. It’s not quite Italy, but it’s definitely the next-best thing!


You can read another example of a creative way to express your love in Sherry’s latest guest post on KOM!


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Sherry’s mission is helping people find creative, intentional and impactful ways to celebrate life and to express love for family and friends. Visit her website or email her to say hello at Sherry’s book, “Say it Now; 33 Creative Ways to Say I Love You to the Most Important People in Your Life,” is now available on Amazon. Join Sherry’s free 5-day challenge, "Olly Olly Oxen Free: Permission and Belonging," here.

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