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What if mystical experiences are real? What if inspiration, instinct, and ingenuity are the same as intuition, divination, and clairvoyance? Letting Glow is an adventure into mediumship and takes a deeper look at how we experience time, consciousness, and our relationship with our higher self. A profoundly personal account of grief during the global COVID-19 pandemic, Letting Glow aims at finding solace and hope by connecting with our intuition. Simple changes in thinking, meditation exercises, and shifting our perspectives on everyday reality can transform our lives into ones of intent, purpose, and a deeper connection with the all that is.

Excerpt: Creation, Manifestation, Affirmation

Picture this. One afternoon, while exploring your attic or garden shed, you come across a cotton bag filled with equal length pieces of wood, maybe around twelve inches in height and three inches in width. Maybe the previous owner of your home left them there, or maybe they were from some work you’d had done on the house itself. You decide that there are enough of these pieces to build something with. You’ve never built anything before, but this could be a nice little project to keep you occupied for awhile, and you have the time. A chair is perhaps the logical thing to build, since most of the pieces are the correct length and shape already. Sure, you may have to watch a YouTube video or two to learn how to make it correctly. You’ll probably need to buy some tools, some screws, some sandpaper, some varnish, but you’ve set your mind to it and you start taking the appropriate actions to put this project into motion.

You can see the chair in your mind, it’s sitting there, in your mind’s eye, complete. All you have to do now is put this idea into physical motion.

The inspiration came from the bag of wood. The thought came from the inspiration. The action was born of the thought.

Now, I’m going to let you in on a little secret, if you haven’t thought about this before. We create everything this way. Everything. You may have heard this in simplified sound bites.

Imagination is the beginning of creation. – George Bernard Shaw
Creativity is intelligence having fun. – Albert Einstein
Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. – Vincent van Gogh
Think left and think right, and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try! – Dr. Seuss

Every great novel ever written, began as an idea. Every great movie, every architectural masterpiece, every song, every small business, every food recipe, started its existence as a thought. Now, I’m going to go one further.

If everything that we can physically create, that we can physically manifest, by putting the thought into action, began as an intention, or an idea, then surely it stands to reason that everything else works this way also. Why wouldn’t it? It’s who we are, it’s how we get things done. We think, and we create. We know that minds design things. It could be, and is argued, that the universe itself is designed by the ultimate mind, that which we call God. The idea that there is an omniscient mind who designed the physical world on a mathematical blueprint is an ancient idea still embraced by us that goes back to Middle Platonism. Let me drop a nugget of philosophical history on you. Philo of Alexandria said that the intelligible cosmos existed first as a blueprint in the mind of the Logos, the divine intellect, and then was instantiated in the physical world from this blueprint. So let’s say that the same goes for us, albeit from an individual perspective, then what we are doing is first creating the blueprint in our mind, and then using that blueprint to create our own reality. Constantly. Not just by physical action from thoughts, but also by talking with others, suggesting ideas, making plans, having arguments, creating emotional responses, and so on. Essentially, the start of every circumstance begins with an intention. The actual outcome may vary from the original desire, through negotiation with others, through external circumstances beyond our control, but at its core, it all began with a thought.

Now stick with me here, and I’ll take this a little further. If the physical world works by us thinking something first, and then creating it, then surely EVERYTHING works this way. I’m talking like attracting like, I’m talking bringing the desired outcome to you by intent alone. Now I know how this sounds to some people, and I’m certainly not the first person to write about sending your thoughts out to the universe and the universe answering. But I’ve witnessed my own life getting on the right track when I have hit the sweet spot of thought breeding creation.

The flow. When things have simply moved effortlessly in the direction that I wished them to with seemingly little effort on my part. When I have somehow, at a root level, decided that the thing I strived for was for me, and there was no other alternative outcome. When this happens, and you are aware of this way of looking at things, when consciously intended circumstances align, there is little question that there is something to this whole manifestation thing that people talk about. Things appear to evolve naturally. Things seem to evolve super naturally.

Consciousness of the self, and consciousness of the universe, have the power to overlap.
Our thoughts constantly merge with the universe, and through synchrony we create. If enough of us think about the same thing, it tends to come about.

Let’s put all of this another way, in layman’s terms, so to speak.

When we have an idea, a thought or an inspiration, it takes shape as a possibility in our mind, as well as the greater consciousness of the universe. Or The Universe. The All That Is. God. Whatever you want to call It. The thought we have has the potential to expand beyond our own consciousness, to that of universal consciousness. We just have to be careful that we don’t limit the potential of that thought to be restricted to ourselves. Do you see what I mean with that last statement? Our perceptions of what we believe is what potentially limits us in blending the thought with universal thought, and manifesting the thought into our physical reality. Our thoughts about ourselves are what most likely block our desired outcomes.

The word manifest is getting bandied around quite a lot recently. It’s spirituality’s favorite buzzword. It’s a word that brings the concept of thought breeding creation into one simple mantra for those looking for a fast track to an enlightened life. I believe that, ultimately, it is essentially a simple thing to do; manifest your best life, create that which serves you and those around you, and make the world a better place. It’s simple, but not necessarily easy. It requires a twist of thinking. It requires gratitude, before the event. It requires understanding that which is for you, won’t go by you. It requires quieting the mind on a regular basis, and learning how to observe your own thoughts.

It’s easy for people who write books to say that you can think what you want into existence. It’s oversimplification in action: use the latest buzzword and give a book a snazzy title implying there is a secret to tap into the cosmic forces of the universe to get what you want. Things like that make authors money, things like that sometimes start cults.

What about someone living in Sub-Saharan Africa in extreme poverty? What about a child born with Usher syndrome? What about a kid growing up in a high-rise surrounded by street gang violence? Can everyone simply think their way towards a better situation? This book, as a whole, will hopefully clarify these questions as we go on. We are all, at some degree, victims of our own circumstances. We grow up with emotional baggage, we grow up with difficult people, difficult family members, responsibilities, abuse, self-doubt, physical limitations, health issues that impede our day-to-day lives, and money worries. I’m not suggesting that these things can be fixed with a few positive thoughts and a vision board, but I am going to take us along a path where we can sow the seeds of a better future with the way we think.

Meditation Exercise: Visualizations and Affirmations. Level: Beginner

Talking kindly to ourselves is something we should all do a little more of. We all have our hang-ups, we all have our gripes with life. The daily commute to work is a pain, that idiot in the office knows how to push your buttons, there’s only so many hours in the day that you can fit it all in, there are responsibilities and people relying on you to be on top of your game. It’s tough, and you are constantly in the thick of it. The only time you truly get to yourself, is when you get six hours of sleep at night before it all starts up again.

Take a moment to step back from it all. Take one minute of your day to let it all wait while you give yourself a few encouraging thoughts.

Next time you are walking to the store, next time you get a few minutes to sit on a park bench, next time you are trapped on the tube hurtling beneath the city streets with someone’s sweaty armpit in your face, close your eyes, and remind yourself of who you really are underneath all of the bustling thoughts swirling around in your head.

“I am a soul, having a human experience.”
“I am a good person, with good intentions. Life sometimes gets in the way, but behind it all, I still have dreams and a purpose.”
“I truly do think the best of people and would love to impact the world in a meaningful way, however small that contribution may be.”

It may be easier to turn this routine into a short one-minute mantra. Feel free to make one up for yourself. Mantras are an easy way of conditioning the mind to think positively through all of the other thoughts and stresses of the day. I like to think of them as a cool stream slipping through the chaos, or noise-cancelling headphones as the marching band passes by. Use the ones above or the ones that follow to get yourself started.

“Good Energy Is God Energy,” is one I was given by my own Guides.
“Positive Thoughts, Positive Outcomes,” could be another.
“I Am A Being Of Light, And I Am Connected To All Beings In The Universe,” is another example.

A truly powerful mantra is to be thankful of the day, no matter what has happened so far.
“I Am Grateful For This Day, And All The Lessons It Teaches Me.”

Whatever you want it to be, make it positive. You are free to make it personal, you are free to make it generic. Whatever it is you choose, make it a phrase to reconnect with your higher self, and spend a minute or two each day, or whenever you remember, to quietly turn off the background noise, and repeat it to yourself.


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phill webster
Phill Webster is a writer, actor and spiritual teacher. After living abroad for 20 years, he returned to the UK and ventured into acting. He has since gone on to appear in movies alongside Sylvester Stallone, Benedict Cumberbatch and Elle Fanning among others. After losing his mother in 2021, he realized that he had been dismissing spiritual calls to action his entire life. One particular incident, that he writes about in his debut book "Letting Glow," spurred this call to action. He has since trained with Indigenous Shamans from North and South America, as well as world renowned mediums such as James Van Praagh, Gordon Smith and Claire Broad. Phill has also studied Female Spirituality In The Middle Ages at the University of Barcelona and is a trained meditation teacher as well as a personal trainer.

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