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Awakening the Lotus of Peace is a yoga book on how to go deeper in meditation to reach the highest goal of Samadhi and find lasting peace. This is a detailed book of exercises, pranayamas and meditations by a kundalini-awakened teacher, explaining how to bypass or overcome many of the meditation pitfalls with reference to yoga philosophy, Patanjali and the Bhagavad Gita.

Excerpt from Chapter 8: Ocean of Peace

There is a constant ocean of peace, ever-present beneath any restlessness of body, mind or spirit. How can we quiet the physical and mental agitation to truly experience that peace? That peace eluded me for years. I knew it only as a concept with fleeting tell-tale signs that that peace was real but somehow out of my grasp. The signs of starting to tune into the beautiful fragrance of peace are so fine, so subtle, that these can easily be overlooked.

In this chapter, we develop our ability to fully relax the physical body, eliminate agitation, and to harmonise to and recognise the subtle fragrance of peace beneath all waves of restlessness. Be prepared to dive more deeply in meditation and to be open to realising the relevance of phasing out physical and mental turbulence so that you can discover a finer consciousness of peace within you.

As you read this, is the body sitting quiet and still? Think of all the trillions of nerves cells in the body, constantly thrumming with life-force and pinging electrical messages to each other and to the master nerve-body, the brain. Every twitch of shift of the body sets up a jangling in the nerves of the body. Usually in daily life you are so engrossed mindlessly in activity that you don’t notice this jangling of the nerves amongst all the other distracting signals from the eyes, touch, hearing, taste or smell.

Experiencing quiet in the body requires you mastering sitting still, ignoring any message that the body pings to the mind via the brain that you need to move, scratch or open your eyes. Make this the study of today’s meditation. Just observe each distracting signal from the body as if you were watching someone else’s body. Tell yourself: ‘I am not the body. I will sit still as long as it takes to allow peace to arrive in my body.’ Know that it is a great triumph to overcome at itch or increasing urge to shift your arm. Mastery involves learning to place your attention elsewhere: not in the body part that is demanding your attention so vehemently. Just remove your mind to the brow (centre of will) and exert your will power by mentally repeating: ‘I am not this body’.

I promise you, suddenly, a deep quiet will arise from the jumble of nerves that constitutes the body. Once these no longer hold your attention, something deeper and more profound can arise in its stead. Experiencing the body awareness as sitting still (or rather body-unawareness, for the secret is in placing your attention deeper than the body) can be as dramatic as the blare of an incessant car alarm in the street, suddenly shutting off bringing instant peace and quiet. We all know the relief in finding that balm of quiet after being exposed to disturbing noise. Imagine now that that ‘noise’ from the nerves of your body is right now blaring out just above the level of your hearing, unconsciously placing you subtly but constantly on edge. I experienced this acutely when I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Even moving my hand would set up jangling across the web of nerves in my body putting me into a state of alarm.

I learned bit by bit how to lie still, withdraw my mind to the quieting of the breath and to control the focus of the mind. I found that even thinking about moving the body, without actually moving it, would set the web of nerves jangling. This I overcame with patience and determination to overcome a very physical challenge. And you can too.

So, the first goal in eliminating restlessness is mastery of the body. Let’s look at what your body is doing as you read this. Are there any unwarranted twitches or shifts going on? Without realising it, often the body is moving. I recall that a bad habit of mine was to wiggle the toes of one foot when I was sitting. I wasn’t aware if it most of the time: when I ate, read, knitted or watched TV, the foot was wiggling away. In fact, if I thought about it, I found it vaguely comforting. It gave me feedback from the body so that I knew where I was in space. In reality, what I was doing was sending out a constant agitation along the nerves of the body so that the only calm I experienced was in sleep. This small, seemingly innocuous movement was in reality eroding my sense of calm, keeping me in a constantly agitated state. Other examples might be, drumming fingers, pursing lips, jaw clenching, agitating the whole leg, frowning etc. Take a moment now to close the eyes and watch what the body is doing (remember, the body isn’t you, it’s just your vehicle for this incarnation and you are learning to drive it more efficiently). Mentally take a note of any unconscious signals and make up your mind to watch the body at various intervals throughout the day to see if there are any more. It can be helpful to ask a friend to say what your tell-tale signs of agitation are.  Once these signals are in your radar, then that is the first step in your being able to banish that agitation and uncover the calmness which it was masking.

Yoga involves mastery of the physical body. In order to dive deeper in meditation, the body must be relaxed and not holding onto any muscular tension, beyond that essential for the stability of an upright spine.

Exercise: Releasing Tension from the Body

Prepare for meditation by tensing and relaxing the body a few times as follows:

Breathe in and tense the body, head to toe. Breathe out and consciously blow all residual tension from the body with the breath.

Repeat again, this time focusing in on the thrumming of energy that is present in the limbs after the exhale.

Repeat one last time, feeling the energy and life force pulling back from the edges of the skin as you exhale.

Take that sense of energy backward into the spine so that you feel energy flowing into the upright shaft of the spine.

Visualise the spine as a straight as a broom. The spine is strong and requires no extra effort on your part to remain upright. It is just thrumming with the energy pouring backwards from the limbs and torso and into the torrent of life force in the centre of the spine, like many little highways of current, flowing into the main highway to the brain.


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jenny light
Jenny Light is a teacher of meditation and yoga on Insight Timer, a spiritual healer and inspirational speaker and artist. Jenny had a kundalini awakening as a small child and had a passion for yoga from the age of nine. She taught herself to meditate at 14 and has been teaching yoga for 20 years. In her asana classes and workshops, she teaches a meld of the energy awareness of Dru Yoga and the precise skeletal alignment of Scaravelli Yoga with subtle practices born of her deep spiritual insight. Jenny is a Yoga Elder of Independent Yoga Network and a student of Paramahansa Yogananda. Chronic fatigue Syndrome in 2010 was a blessing in disguise for Jenny, who utilized the condition to grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally, facing the physical challenge until she regained full health. Jenny fervently believes that whatever condition you find yourself facing, by taking the inward approach, you can only grow from it.

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