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Astrolations is a fascinating guide for understanding your relationships with friends, family and colleagues. It involves a unique blend of Western and Chinese astrology. Read about the astrological attributes of your child and other children in your life – and discover how the elements influence your astrological make-up – in order to further your understanding of yourself and those you encounter throughout life. This guide aims to help you achieve fuller self-knowledge as well as a rounded understanding of the people in your life.

Excerpts: Sections 4 & 5

Section 4 – We can work it out!

Abbreviations used in this section
For ease of reference in each description, I have used the following short forms for each sign:
Aries = A, Taurus = Tau, Gemini = G, Cancer = C, Leo = L, Virgo = V, Libra = Li, Scorpio = Sc, Sagittarius = Sag, Capricorn = Cap, Aquarius = Aq, Pisces = P
Rat = Rat, Ox = Ox, Tiger = T, Rabbit = Rab, Dragon = D, Snake = S, Horse = H, Sheep = Sh,  Monkey = M, Rooster = R, Dog = Dog, Pig = Pig

Your own combined sign is in bold type, followed by the element of your sign in Western astrology, plus the native element of your Chinese astrological sign. You must then supply your own Chinese element based on your birth date. On the same line are the attributes of your combined sign; Positive or Negative; Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable, which are all attributes of your Western sign, followed by Yin or Yang, which applies to your Chinese sign. Please refer to the section on the elements, on Positive and Negative, on Yin and Yang, and on the quadruplicities (Cardinal etc).  You will also see that I have allied the Western element of Air with the Chinese element of Metal, as I feel that the Chinese element of Metal is the most akin to the Western element of Air in its qualities.

Balance of elements

Each person has three elements in their basic sign combination: their Western Zodiac sign element; the native element of their Chinese sign; the element of the Chinese sign in their own birth year. You will have made a note of your own two signs from the Lists in Section 1, and will see that there is also a note of each Chinese sign’s native element in Section 3, which concerns Chinese astrology.

Here is an example:  Birth date 19th April 1977
Born under the Western Zodiac sign Aries, with sun in Aries.  Aries is a Fire sign.
Born in the Chinese year of the Fire Snake.
Fire is also the native element of Snake.

Therefore, this person’s basic three elements are Fire, which is not an equable elemental balance. However, if it were discovered that their Moon was in Pisces, which is a Water sign, and that their Rising sign was in Gemini, an Air sign, then that would balance out better for the individual. Further investigation might reveal that their Mercury was in also in Aries (Fire); their Venus in Taurus (Earth); their Mars in Libra (Air).  If you find that you have a strong imbalance of a certain element in your combined sign, then you can rectify that by spending time in or near that element, or by cultivating some of the attributes of that element.

An understanding of all the elements, and how they apply to Western Astrological signs and to Chinese Zodiac signs, is fundamental to your full understanding of the elements that make up your individual sign.

Note: Your elements can be further elaborated within your Western Zodiac sign, by finding out your Moon sign and Rising sign at the time you were born, as well as the position of other major planets, giving you a further combination of elements. However, you will need to know your exact time, date and year of birth, and place of birth. You will find further information on how to discover this in Section 7.

You are now ready to read the description of your combined sign!

Section 5 – Compatibilities

The 144 Western and Eastern main combination types.  

Aries Dragon     Fire + Wood + own element              Positive, Cardinal, Yang

The Aries Dragon is certainly a life force to be reckoned with, combining as it does the first sign of the Western Zodiac, Aries the Ram, and the magnificent Dragon of Chinese astrology. Here we have Aries, a Fire sign, with Dragon, whose native element is Wood. Each element confers its own qualities, and if you are a Fire or Wood Dragon then those qualities will be intensified. The Fire AD will be ultra-loud, fierce, energetic, and can be very controlling and dominant. The Wood AD will be much calmer than the average Dragon, and may even be able to see others’ points of view, which is rare in an Aries Dragon. The AD is a veritable powerhouse of vim and vigour, and will have strong opinions on everything! The AD’s optimism, stamina and enthusiasm will blast away the cobwebs in a relationship, or in a business setting, and the AD genuinely does care about you, but the caring has to be done the AD’s way. However, some will find the AD’s blunt honesty, self-righteousness, and unwillingness to be proved wrong, either irksome or genuinely distressing. The AD can also be loud, bumptious, domineering, and bombastic – the epitome of the ‘hail fellow, well met’ character. The AD could well be an excellent champion of causes they believe in, and will take charge and organise from the top. If you are a Water AD, you will be readier to accept input and ideas from others, and if an Earth Dragon, you will bestow calm and a steadier pace on the excitable nature of the average AD. The Metal Dragon is quite a controlling and cool customer, and combined with Aries, this could be a formidable and possibly warlike character, who may lack compassion, but will generally be action-oriented and very much on the go all the time. To conclude, the AD is a broad-brush stroke person, and love them or loathe them, you cannot but admire their panache and verve.

Aries Dragon as spouse, partner, significant other

If your partner is Aries Dragon, then you will need to accept their prima donna side, and either go with it, supporting their ego, or challenge their behaviour constantly. One thing you can be sure of is that a relationship with an AD will be exciting and passionate, especially if they are Fire AD, who may be rather controlling, but is also very exciting. The Wood AD and the Water AD will be rather calmer as partners, but are still opinionated, while your Metal AD partner may often seem uncaring, as life is very much about them. You may have to accept their dominant streak. An Earth AD partner can be quietly controlling, but will think a little more before they act. If you are Aries Dragon, your strength of character will endear you to other strong-minded people, but will cause more sensitive folk to run a mile! However, some quiet people will want to bask in the warmth of the AD’s character, preferring to take a back seat. If you are Fire or Metal AD, do try and bear in mind that your partner is not just an extension of you, and try to understand their needs too, if you can step outside yourself far enough to do this! Bear in mind that if you have a relationship with another Aries, there will inevitably be clashes of will and fights for dominance, but also lots of passion! However, other Aries types which may suit you are: Aries Pig, Aries Monkey, or Aries Rat. Do steer clear of Aries Rooster, Aries Rabbit and Aries Dog.  Other signs suiting you are: Aquarius Dragon, Leo Pig, Sagittarius Monkey, or Scorpio Rat. Do avoid: Libra Dog, Capricorn Rooster, Virgo Ox, and Pisces Rabbit.

Aries Dragon as parent, grandparent, sibling, friend, colleague

You will be a caring parent, but often overwhelming! You will love organising your children’s birthday parties, and exciting trips out, especially if a Fire or a Metal AD parent, who may be rather controlling of children, and want to organise their lives for them. The Wood, Water of Earth AD parent will support children in times of trouble, but find quiet-natured children difficult to understand. However, every day will be a day of excitement with the AD parent.

As a grandparent, Aries Dragon wants to be proud of their grandchildren, and will often be happy to bask in their reflected glory. They love to play games with them, and will loudly cheer them on at school sports, or in any dramatic ventures, especially if a Fire AD, who loves loud and dramatic displays! They can be too much for a quiet and bookish grandchild, who may find it quite wearing being with the AD grandparent, although the Earth AD grandparent is calmer and more understanding.

As a sibling, the Aries Dragon will be the one organising games and adventures for sibs, and may be rather dominant. They may intimidate quieter sibs, especially if a Fire AD, but on the whole, their engaging nature ensures that they all have a good childhood together. The Metal AD sib wants to be up, off, and out, pretty well all the time, so will not get on with sibs who prefer a quieter life.

The Aries Dragon friend is lively and outgoing, and loves to be the centre of attention, especially in loud, noisy gatherings. Some friends will find them opinionated, especially the Fire or the Metal AD, and will challenge them, but on the whole the friends the AD gets along with are those who share the AD’s liking for an active lifestyle, and everyone loves to party with the AD!

As a colleague, Aries Dragon people are often inspirational, but will rub some people up the wrong way. They are often the spokesperson at meetings, and have no compunction over voicing their opinions, although Earth and Wood ADs will be more reticent. Most definitely leadership material, especially if Fire AD.


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jill carr
Jill Carr began seriously studying astrology as an art student where she came across the Modern Textbook of Astrology in a city bookshop. Since then she has studied and worked in various locations within the UK, refining her research into all matters astrological, including Chinese Astrology which she finds endlessly fascinating. Jill has degrees in Surface Pattern Design, Business Studies and Philosophy & Aesthetics. She has now settled in the wonderfully inspiring county of Cornwall, surrounded by the natural beauty of this ancient place.

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