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Amazing Grace: Memoirs of a Transformational Journey is about one man’s struggle to discover his soul in a soulless world, in which he argues that a new kind of human being needs to emerge if our society is to be healed. This new person will need to be someone who will have ‘worked on themselves’ to have become less materialistic and less ego-centered, more planet-friendly and, in particular, more concerned about the well-being of their fellow human beings.

In this honest and no-holds-barred book, we learn that if we choose to undertake such a journey, there is no avoiding a confrontation with all those areas of ourselves which prevent this. In Serge’s case, this included his need to come face to face with his chauvinism, his ‘little boy’ who refused to grow up, his narcissism – the myth that the ‘right woman’ would save him – and the delusion of being ‘special’! Chronicling his encounters with the many wise people he’s met along the way, Amazing Grace shows how to let go of attachments to false narratives and assists one in becoming more honest and open-hearted.

Serge’s adventures are amusing in places. His hope is that upon discovering the many gifts and blessings that came his way as he aspired to evolve, the reader might feel moved to embark upon similar journeys of self-discovery, vital to our planet’s survival.

Excerpt: Chapter 20 – Treading the Path of Heart

A seminal experience in my new Californian life  in the 1980’s, was going on a two-week ‘Awakening the Heart’ retreat with a Doctor with the interesting name of Brugh Joy. My English chiropractic friend David had said to me a year ago:: ‘Serge if you’re going to California, be sure not only to wear flowers in your hair, but also go and do some work with Brugh Joy. It will change your life!’

And it did. It was an epiphany……Its gift to me was to open me up to a deeper connection with my inner heart, that part of myself that  was able to celebrate the joy of being alive, that carried qualities like kindness and love and compassion and joy, which I came to see wwere absolutely central if we wish to feel fully human and alive..I realised that what was wrong with society, and why so many of us are so materialistic and ungiving and unforgiving, so prone to over consuming and so not caring about the well being of our planet, was because so many of us were disconnected from this core part of ourselves ( the Latin for heart is ‘cor’) and thus fully closed off from the felt realisation that despite being an individual,  we are all part of one humanity.  I saw that  if our hearts are not used and exercised, that exactly like with our intellects or our our muscles, they start withering.  And I realised that mine was small and sad and contracted. I realised that I had been trained only to live in my head, only to exercise the measuring, calculating, rational left side of my brain. If I look back to my curriculum at my schools and university, yes, I learned to exercise my mind   as one was told that that will help you get on in the world,  but my heart got left behind. No wonder I was so inadequate out in the world, especially at the love game with women when I was a young man. I never brought my heart into the equation!

The two weeks I spent with Brugh were the most important two weeks of my life. This beautiful and unusual man radiated a special love energy that had the effect of awakening me to areas of my being that enabled me to feel such compassion and love, not only for myself and everyone in the group with me, but also for the whole world. I began observing myself caring about what was happening to people right the other side of the world whom I didn’t know. World pain began to touch me deeply and make me want to have my life be about trying to make a difference. Out of nowhere  I began accessing dimensions of my caring nature that I never knew existed. I discovered the poetry of John O Donahue who had written that

Without the heart the human is sinister. To be able to feel is the great gift. When you feel for another, you become united with that other in an intimate way. Your concern and compassion become alive, drawing some of the other person’s world and spirit into yours…Without the ability to feel, friendship and love could never be born. All feeling is born in the heart. This makes the human heart the true jewel of the world.

Yes, yes, yes. I realised that if we wish to live real human lives, we have to be open – open to both joy and pain, open  to whatever is going on inside ourselves, open to what is happening with those we are close to, open to what is going on in the world in general, because only then can we feel what we need to do at any time. I realised that this also took courage and that where courage lived was inside our hearts. ….Working with Brugh, then, confirmed for me that we need to do a lot of work to get to know our inner heart and that the more we try to honour what we experience as being its truth- ie, the more we follow what we deem to be real and listen to what feels right for us – thr more we will open to grace and consequently the more empowered we will feel. Writing in the late 1940’s the great futurist and theologian Teilhard de Chardin wrote that ‘there is more power inside an awakened human heart, than inside an Atomic bomb’. I believe that. Now when I teach seminars on the heart, I tell my students that our Hearts are our greatest weapon of self construction!


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serge beddington behrens
Serge Beddington-Behrens, MA, Ph.D., K.O.M.L. is an Oxford-educated transpersonal psychotherapist, spiritual educator, teacher of transformation and change agent. In his mid-twenties, he moved to live and work in California, co-founding the Institute for the Study of Conscious Evolution. He also helped organize many global conferences. For over forty years he has had a private psychotherapy practice and has trained psychotherapists as well as having lectured, taught workshops and run spiritual retreats in England, Europe, America and Russia. Serge has contributed over fifty articles to journals dealing with transpersonal issues and has written several books. He now lives in Mallorca but travels a great deal training people in the art of being spiritual activists. In 2000 he was awarded an Italian knighthood for services to humanity. He is married and has one young daughter.

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