Book Giveaway and Excerpt: A Heart on Fire

Dear KOM-ers! We’re so happy to feature a new book giveaway for National Poetry Month!

Please enjoy this excerpt from “A Heart on Fire” – a book of poems by David C. Weiss.

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“A Heart on Fire” includes poems derived from David’s near-death experiences as a young boy, which, as an adult, he has come to believe were imbued with the numinous presence of the Divine. Some of his poems express warmth, playfulness and a heart open to love. Other poems convey loss, grief, forgiveness and healing.
His poetry uses earthly images to give voice to his passion and gratefulness for life, as well as his awareness of aging and death. David hopes his poems will ignite a healing fire in the heart of the reader.

Poem #1: Riding the Back of a Tiger

I don’t want to live my life
clutching the tail of a tiger.

I want to live riding on his back.
I want to hear his panting and snorting,
my body absorbing the collision of his paws
on the ground beneath us.

I want to feel the rhythmic contraction
of his haunches and smell
the scent of blood on his breath.

I want to vibrate with each gyration of his backbone,
and gaze into his narrow vertical pupils
to witness his vision in pursuing his prey.

This is how I want to live in the world:
riding the sleek body of a tiger,
soaking my senses with life’s instinctual wildness,
and at the end of my untamable ride,
to dismount and be empowered by it.

Poem #2: Unlatch the Door

Ancient Love is knocking at my heart’s door.

Love says, “Will you unlatch the door and invite me to enter?”

I answer, “Once, you came into my tent of affliction,
then disappeared leaving bloodstains in your wake.”

Love says, “When you were a child, I held you in my bosom
and soothed your scarred heart.”

I ask, “Are you here with your balm only to leave again?”

Love answers, “Your fear banished me. I am standing at your door
waiting to be invited in.”

I ask, “What is it I fear?”

Love says, “Being vulnerable to love.”

Poem #3: Hoping to Catch God

I am a salmon in a cascading stream,
stars piloting my way home.

I am a bee swarming with
my queen in a droning dervish.

I am a rainbow reflecting the radiance
of angels frolicking in a spring shower.

I am a butterfly creating galaxies
by fluttering my stardust-covered wings.

I am a spider weaving a gossamer web
anchored to stars,
hoping to catch God.


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David was a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for 35 years before the publication of his first collection of poems, “A Heart on Fire, Poems from the Flames.” He continues to write poetry and makes presentations on poetry of Eastern and Western Mystics and leads poetry workshops as a faculty member of OLLI College at the University of Southern Maine. David is a regular contributor to Kind Over Matter. David plays the “Shakuhachi,” a Japanese bamboo flute used in Zen Buddhist meditation and celebration. He combines his flute music with poetry readings. He has taught Tibetan and Western poetry to Buddhists monks at Sera Jhy Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in South India. He earned his Master of Theology and Ph.D. in Pastoral Psychology degrees from Boston University. You can contact David via email or follow him on his website.

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