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“Inner Wealth,” (page 201-203) an excerpt from The Compass of Now by Master DDnard

Watching over our mind is the most valuable thing each of us can do in our life. Even though some people may not even have one cupful of good karma left in their store and must face the problems to which they’ve led themselves; the moment they catch themselves about to plunge into the misery is the moment they can prevent it from happening. Each of us is capable of instantly lifting our own mind free of suffering.
When we’ve just begun our inner training, we’ll likely forget ourselves and let our mind become stray for a long period of time. But with determination to maintain vigilant self-awareness, we’ll learn to observe without judgment, no pushing out and no pulling in. In the beginning, this task may seem daunting because throughout our life, we’ve been perpetually accumulating a habit of ignorance. To undo a lifetime of ignorant habit takes practice. But unlike other activities that may take a long time to bear fruit, the benefits of self-awareness are experienced instantaneously.
The moment that you are aware of yourself you feel the peace and happiness within you —an inner treasure that no one can take away from you and will always be with you.
External wealth can sometimes be taken away from us, but inner wealth always stays with us. Moreover, the inner wealth attracts sustainable wealth and success that endure.
Following are personal inner treasures that, once obtained, will result in a wealthy, healthy, and happy life:
1. Faith: Having faith in the causes and effects of all actions. We must persevere in developing our own mind, and in learning and growing from all experiences.
2. Perseverance: Efforts in watching over our minds, thoughts, actions, and words so that they do not harm us or others; and efforts in lessening the impacts of past misdeeds and making sure they do not happen again.
3. Competency: Dedication to acquiring the knowledge and wisdom of life.
4. Contribution: Forgiving, giving, sharing, understanding, mercy, and compassion—a spirit of goodness that energizes others and attracts more good to come into our life.
5. Wisdom: Understanding the nature of life. Knowing what to do, how, when, where, and what for.
Understanding the pros and cons of things from the observation of self and others with a tranquil mind.

Inner wealth comforts our souls. Our life becomes secure. It is the most important thing humans need to have. It attracts and secures a good life because one doesn’t get what ways tend the garden of our mind to be conducive to a great life.

Master DDnard is a renowned spiritual teacher and best-selling author of the Compass book series. She has given her insights on hundreds of TV shows, magazines, and organizations. Every month she teaches 3-day and 7-day classes on Compass Mind Management (CMM), which combines Eastern and Western healing methods for long-lasting happiness and success.
DDNard also conducts her charitable Compass Meditation Retreats and Happiness Compass Seminars four times a year.

You can connect with Master DDnard on Facebook here and here, and listen to more of her insight on YouTube.

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