Bloom & Shine

Post by Becky Swanson for the Kindness in Business series.

Bloom & Shine

My message is simple: Bloom & Shine.
Bloom into who you truly are and shine your light.

It sounds so simple doesn’t it?

For some people it is. But for some of us, it’s downright hard.

It’s a process. It’s a metamorphosis. At times, it can be painful.

I used to teach elementary school. I was happy and I liked my job. I got to be creative and had the summers off. But a thread of discontentment started to run through me. It grew and grew. It felt awful. Back then I didn’t know about all of this “universal law” stuff so I spent a lot time punishing myself for feeling these feelings. I did everything I could to find peace within my job & considered a different type of “traditional” occupation.

Along the way, I got pregnant and stayed home with my baby. Something we had planned to do all along.

During this phase, I discovered blogs. I stumbled onto a stay-at-home mom’s blog who was sharing different art activities that she did with her child. I would cry reading her posts and seeing her pictures. There were other people out there like me? This opened up a whole world for me! One blog led to another and another. I started watching as women blossomed businesses right before my eyes doing things they loved. I was amazed at how a “normal” housewife from Normal Town, USA could have people from all over the world commenting on her blog post. She even considered some of these women her friends!

I would pour over these blogs with tears streaming down my face. I’d have waves of emotion come over me – a roller coaster ride of feelings like jealousy, excitement, sadness, resentment, and inspiration.

My husband would joke, “Uh oh, she’s reading her blogs again!” followed by “Honey, you should only read those things if they make you happy.” I didn’t understand what all of these deep emotions meant.

I yearned for self-expression and connection. I yearned to teach again but to teach something that inspired me. I wanted to guide & to serve. I craved the feeling of connection while sharing my gifts.

But I was SO SCARED. Like frozen in my footsteps scared! Plus I had a case of the Little-Ol’-Me-Syndrome.

It wasn’t easy. I know some people can spring into action once they know what they want, but for me, I had to work through some serious blocks around stepping into my light and stepping out of the traditional lifestyle that my parents raised me in. (Which did not include one ounce of entrepreneurship or following your heart.)

I started taking tiny steps. My dance became taking a teeny tiny step forward and then shrinking and retreating back into my safe cocoon to hide for a while. Then repeat.

During the times of retreat and self-doubt, a strong silent voice inside would say “Just don’t stop.” I clung to that phrase and trusted it.

I found that it was much more painful to sit back and do nothing than to take those scary steps forward into a bigger picture. Each step greeted me with newfound excitement, creative energy, and self-acceptance. It felt like I was stepping into the arms of a bigger, wiser ME. And instead of her laughing or scoffing at me, she was waiting there with open arms, a safe embrace and a whisper of “You’re home.”

I’m new to all of this online business stuff. I’m just starting out. I have a small (growing) list.

But ya know what?

I’m SO happy! I’m having fun and doing what I love. I have never felt so filled up in my life!

I’m getting to experience all of those things I was yearning for in my life.

And the most rewarding part is I have made a difference in other women’s lives. (Yes, little ol’ me! And little ol’ you can too)

Do not let fear get in your way. It’s not even real. It’s like a smokescreen that appears to be a solid wall of concrete. It’s an illusion and it’s holding you back. All you have to do is start taking one step forward and then another and another and the smoke will clear. The fog will rise. There won’t be a wall there after all. I promise! Just. Don’t. Stop.

If you have whispers in your heart that there is something more you’d like to do, something that needs sharing, … a part of you that is calling out to feel connected to other women, something you could teach… please listen to that.

If you have a swirl of feelings, strong emotional responses, even jealousies … they are there for a reason. They are the breadcrumbs leading you out of the forest.

You are being called to step forward & bloom, to shine your light & to share your gifts.

If you have that nudge, that tiny spark of an idea … if you have an area of expertise or interest … throw it all together with your personality and gifts and put something beautiful and unique out into the world. I combined my love of yoga, creativity, and self-discovery. My work also focuses on nourishing your spirit, embracing your beauty and truth, and making meaningful moments in your day. It even reaches into the areas of self-acceptance & self-care … this work of yours can go deep and wide and be totally gorgeous!

There are others out there that will be fascinated by what you do and how you do it. There’s a whole world waiting for you!

Whether you keep it simple or move through your own process, please do yourself and the rest of us a favor … please Bloom & Shine.

Becky Swanson is the founder of Bloom & Shine where she offers online courses that combine yoga, creativity, and self-discovery. She also works one-on-one to guide women toward their own rhythm, unique expression, and soul-nourishing beauty-truths so they can live from a place of true connection. Life experience is her teacher as she learns to balance her own work with being a wife and mother of 3.


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