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Blogiversary bash!!

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Word on the street is that Kind Over Matter’s first blogiversary is coming up — and it’s true! On Feb. 22 Kind Over Matter will celebrate its first birthday!

Amanda & I are super excited because in honor of this we are holding an Artist Trading Card Exchange!

What an Artist Trading Card, you ask? It’s a 3.5 by 2.5 inch card that you create using technique you want – paint, photography, scrapbooking, collage, fabric. the size of a trading card.

Here are a few videos with tutorials & a little bit about the craft:

Video iVideo iiVideo iiiVideo iv

The rules are simple:

1. Make something.
2. Express yourself.
3. Have fun with it!

Now for some details:

1. E-mail us to receive our mailing address:

2. Make an Artist Trading Card (ATC) — 2.5 x 3.5 inches — with a positive/inspirational message, be it through words or images! You can use any technique: , just make sure it is flat (no hard/bulky embellishments!) Don’t forget to print & sign your name on the back!

3. Use the mailing address you were given & stuff an envelope with ONE Artist Trading Card & a standard self-addressed stamped envelope, include your name, mailing address & email address on a separate piece of paper.

4. The deadline is…. Feb. 1, 2010 so it needs to be postmarked by then.

5. Seal it with love & send it off to us!

You will be receiving an ATC from another artist & a little love from us in return!

We will be featuring ATCs from Etsy every week to inspire you! If you make ATCs on the regular & sell them on etsy you may tag them with kindovermatter so it’s easier for us to find them, but make sure they follow our theme & you may be featured in one of our posts!

Btw, you can tag any one of your Etsy items that follow our theme with kindovermatter — & you may be featured here outside of this exchange, maybe in one of our five kind etsy finds!

If you have any questions please e-mail us or comment here!

We love you all to bits & pieces & we hope that you have as much fun with this as we are.

Peace, peace, peace.

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