Hello Lovelies! We’ll be running a post every Monday this month to keep you updated on how the Pepsi Refresh Project is going!

Let’s start with the Good News:
Currently, we are ranked 78th, which is good considering there are 238 other projects that we are competing with!

The Bad News:
We have to be in the Top 10 to win it!

So let’s start spreadin’ the news!

I made to posters, one in color & one in black & white! Just click on either of the images to download the PDFs, print or copy off a bunch & spread them like seeds of Kindness at— Your local handmade brick & mortars, grocery stores, libraries, coffee shops, book stores, schools, post offices, anywhere! We will be forever grateful!

Other ways you can make a difference:

* On Facebook & Twitter: Share this link: with your friends & ask them to vote for us!

* Sample text for Twitter, to make things a little easier for you: Vote for @kindovermatter to win a $25K grant in #pepsirefresh! Go here to vote:

* If you are a teacher: Especially an Art Teacher, get your kids involved in the voting process! You could teach a lesson in Positive Art – feel free to utilize our freebies to do so! How fun!

* If you have children in school: Contact your local Art Teacher & send them our way, so they too can implement Kindness in the classroom & get their kids involved in the voting process! I really feel that teaching children at a young age about Kindness & Positivity will do them & the world loads of good!

* Contact your local paper! Email or phone the editor of the Arts & Culture section, let them know about the project!

If you have any suggestions on how we can spread the news about The Kind Over Matter Project please leave a comment below!

Heaps of Love & Gratitude to all of you!

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