Benefits of being kind at work

When you were in school, your teachers probably told you to be kind to each other many times; however, in today’s world being kind to one another has become almost an exception. In the corporate world, being kind at work is considered a sign of weakness.

Having a kind and subdued attitude is equated to being a doormat. But is that really so? Recent research on kindness in the workplace tells us something different. Kindness is not a sign of weakness or being a doormat; it is more about strength, compassion and great morals.

Kindness at the workplace leads to higher productivity, a positive mindset, an enjoyable work environment and greater employee motivation. A kind and compassionate work environment has a competitive advantage over others which is why many organizations have begun focusing on it.

Here are some ways that kindness is beneficial to your company:

1. Motivates employees

A kind employer is more likely to be a successful and effective leader. If an employer is rude, domineering or inconsiderate, then he is less likely to be a valuable leader.

A kind employer will have an emotional connection with their employees. That inspires and motivates them to share the vision of the employer. They feel motivated to give 300% at work.

2. Boosts productivity of employees

It’s normal human psychology that when employers are generous and treat their employees kindly, they repay that generosity and show their gratitude by being more productive at work.

Employees work as a team instead of indulging in unhealthy competition. They go the extra mile to promote the growth of the company.

A real-life scenario:

My best friend works in a small media company. Like many others, it incurred losses during the pandemic. My friend was scared that she would lose her job. She needed that job desperately to pay rent, buy necessities and pay off debts. Her employer was quite generous and kind-hearted. He issued an official statement that no one would lose their job during this uncertain economic time. They would work as a team and overcome the challenges together. The employees were so relieved by this decision that they increased their productivity to keep the company running. They worked extra hours even without additional perks.

3. Reduces absenteeism

Kindness in the workplace leads to emotional well-being and better health for the employees. They cooperate with each other instead of indulging in negativity.

An act of kindness helps to trigger serotonin in the brain. This helps you feel calm, energetic, self-confident and positive. Serotonin generates happiness and helps you feel good. Kindness also triggers oxytocin which lowers blood pressure and helps you feel optimistic.

When employees are happy and healthy, they are more likely to come to work regularly and less likely to take time off.

4. Helps employee retention

Of course salary matters to employees, but money is not the only thing that they consider when working for an organization. People do not want to work in a company where employers are rude and inconsiderate, but rather where they are kind, well-behaved and compassionate.

If your employer gives you paid sick leave and time off if you get married or have a death in the family, won’t you be grateful to him or her and want to stay with the company for the long-term?

How to be kind at work

Being kind at work is not as easy as it sounds, especially when money is involved; but here are several ways to display kindness at work:

  • Be kind when you are giving feedback to employees. If an employee is unable to perform to your expectations, try to understand the reason behind it. Explain ways they can improve their performance, without showing anger.
  • Not all employees are the same. Some may irritate you, but still be patient and kind to them.
  • Greet your employees when they come to work with “Good morning” and a smile.
  • It takes personal strength to be kind when faced with an unfavorable situation. You may have had a disastrous meeting with a client, but you cannot vent your frustration on your employees after the meeting. You must still be polite and treat them with kindness.


Kindness and gratitude go hand-in-hand. When employers are kind, employees are grateful, and everyone will benefit. Kindness in the workplace helps to motivate employees, boost productivity, increase sales, retain employees and promote a healthy working environment. Make it your resolution to be kind to your employees and it will help bring stupendous growth to your company.

Stacy Miller
Stacy B. Miller is the content editor at Oak View Law Group. She loves to share her opinion on financial and legal issues through web articles. Stacy has been published on various top-notch websites and plans to write many more for her readers. You can connect with Stacy on Facebook.

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