Become a Self-Love Warrior!

Self-love Warriors

A four-week revolution in fierce self-love and care:
for the body & mind, heart & soul

As many of you know, Jenn of Roots of She helped create Kind Over Matter, she kept it alive with me in its infancy, she is one of my dear-dear friends & today is her first launch! I am rooting so hard for her!

What did she send out into the universe today?

A fabulous course & book showing you ways to be gentle with yourself, to nurture the gorgeous light inside of you, to let it flow out into the world & spread it to those around you.

She asked me if I would create the graphics for both the course & the book, it was the first big design project I had taken on besides doing work for myself & KOM. I had sooo much fun creating them! Thank you for believing in & trusting me, Jenn!

The heart of the course is designed to show you ways to incorporate acts of self-love into your day-to-day. It looks amazing! Online & self-paced, with Jenn & 4 other INCREDIBLE guides to help you introduce a deeper practice of self-love into your life.

Along with the course, there is an eBook & I’m honored to be one of the contributors, together with so many others, we share our practices, stories & realizations. It’s oh-so-beautiful!

Become a Self-love Warrior
A playbook of practices, prompts & prose

I dove deep into the book this weekend & read it in one sitting. Powerful, honest, raw & valuable, something I will be returning to again & again when I need to remind myself that I need to nurture myself in order to nurture others.

You can purchase the course or book separately from each other or you can get in on all the love (at a sweet discount!) here!

I hope you all will hop on over & show Jenn some love today!

Peace & Love to you, skies full,

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