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The Art of Earning
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I mentioned in my Friday Love List last week that I was going to eat up The Art of Earning by Tara Gentile over the weekend. Well, I did… in one sitting… & it totally rocked my world.

Most of you know Tara Gentile, her face & name are no stranger here. She’s been a long time advocate & friend of mine, I just adore her & what she is doing for the creative community. I support her because she’s super-passionate, driven, whip-smart & has a great heart. Anything she puts out, I want to gobble up… & do.

So back to this guide, The Art of Earning, I NEEDED to read this book. I’m funny about money. It makes me uncomfortable. I avoid talking about it. I feel like I always owe someone something because I’ve struggled with debt (still am) & I have a ridiculously hard time pricing my work, oh it’s bad. You’d think growing up in a household where my parents were small business owners & their parents were also small business owners that I wouldn’t be so twitchy about it… but I am. This not only pertains to my digital products & advertising (which is related to my ideals/blog content), but before now, when I created tangible art, I let some of my pieces go for half-nothing. Looking back at that… I cringe.

Tara is a visionary. This guide is rich, empowering, encouraging & abundant with ways for you to get right with what you do, why you do it & why you are worth it. She asks a boatload of insightful questions that provided me with so many a-ha moments that my mind is still buzzing with the answers. It’s a beautifully written attitude adjuster, a recharger, it gets you excited with possibility — of what we ALL can do with this knowledge. I felt like she was talking directly to me & I fancy that you might too.

The Art of Earning has a suggested price of $25 but you can adjust the price. If $25 isn’t in the cards for you right now, make it less. If you know this guide will give you way more value than that, make it higher.

This guide is worth it. Trust me. Superb read.

Hop on over to her site to learn more! Also, check out her shop, there are more guides there that I stand behind: Making Motion: 7 Steps for Doing More with Your Creative Life is her digital kick in the pants & 52 Weeks of Blogging Your Passion is a digital guide to creative blogging!

(Please be mindful: I am an affiliate of Tara’s, but even if I wasn’t, I’d still share this goodness. I am only affiliate of products that I truly believe in. If you buy this guide through the links above not only will you be supporting Tara’s ventures & family but you will also support my family & Kind Over Matter because I will be receiving a percentage back with each sale that is made through these links. Heaps of Gratitude & Love!)

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