Beautiful Fruit Trees and Bushes that will do Well in Most Gardens

As you know we are big fans of gardens. We love ours and use it all the time. It is a great place to entertain, chill and play. Plus, of course, grow your own food, as we do.

With this in mind, I thought today, I would tell you a little about a few fruit trees and bushes that are super easy to grow. You can find out more about and buy most of the of fruit trees I talk about in this article by clicking the link.

Apple trees

There are thousands of varieties of apple tree available. This is great because it means it is not hard to find one that will do well in your garden. With a little extra care you can even grow them in desert conditions. There are also varieties that can be grown in pots, which opens up the opportunity for you to grow one on your patio or in your conservatory.

Blueberry bushes

To be able to thrive the only thing blueberries really need is acid soil. The root ball is not that big, so it is feasible for you to buy a sack of acid soil from your local garden center to create the right conditions. These days, even gardeners who live in the south can grow these wonderful fruit bushes. Over the past decade or so, new frost-free varieties have been created.


Most people think that figs will only grow in very hot dry climates. They certainly thrive in those conditions. But, provided your summer lasts for a few months and you have a sheltered south-facing spot, the chances are you can still grow this fantastic fruit. They can easily be trained to grow up against a south-facing wall.


Peaches and nectarines are something that people think you need a hot climate to grow. In reality, the opposite is true. Most varieties grow best in colder places. However, they are prone to fungal infections and frost damage. So again, find a sheltered south-facing spot to plant them in.

Plum trees

Usually, if you can grow peaches and nectarines, plums will also do well in your garden. Again, there are many varieties available. So, before buying one take the time to do a little research. Doing so will help you to identify the varieties that are likely to work best in your garden. For warmer climates, take a look at the Japanese plum trees.


If you live somewhere very hot, keep an eye out for Jujube trees. The date like fruits this tree produces are super sweet, which is why, in some parts of the world, candies are referred to as jujubes. Once established, it grows and fruits like crazy.

Preserve what you cannot eat

There is nothing quite like eating fruit, fresh off the tree. But you can only eat so many apples, pears, cherries and apricots. So, it is really worth your while to learn how to preserve fruit. (Something you can easily do online.) There are lots of ways to do it. As you will see, you can do far more than just turn your harvest into jam. Fruit freezes really well so you need never run out of pie fillings, fruit-based sauces and fruit that can be blitzed to make a lovely smoothie.

Mark Williams is a gardening enthusiast who likes sharing valuable tips with dedicated home and mummy bloggers. When Mark isn't working on his allotment, you can find him spending time with his nephews at the park, playing ice hockey or cooking a special dinner for his friends.

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