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In the last few months I have thought about life and what I want out of it. Watching my nearly 18-year-old navigate her way around what she wants to do when she leaves school has made me look at my life and what I have achieved.

When I was her age I had a dream of making it as a musician. In fact, I had a contract with a Recording company. Unfortunately I had to let it go because my father became ill and I needed to be at home.

Being passionate about something doesn’t always mean it comes around straight away.

My dream was lost for many years. I found myself morphing into someone whom I thought would be more accepted in mainstream society. I had 2 kids, a mortgage an a job. I was enrolled in my Masters and was working my way up that ladder. My hair was chestnut brown, I wore heels and suits…but every day I felt like I was selling out my dream. I got further and further away from living my passion.

8 years ago “Soundproofed” was born. I was getting close to 40 and the thought of embarking on making my musical dream come true was, well, scary to say the least.

How was I going to make this work? I was no longer a size 10 and I was nearly 40.

As time progressed, I got that fire back in my belly. I dropped the suits, worked hard during the day as a teacher and at every other opportunity, worked on making my music the best it could be.

Bit by bit I became the person I was so many years ago. Quirky, different and far removed from the mainstream. More than that, I was living my truth.

It hasn’t been easy. I had to lose some people along the way, each teaching me a life lesson. I have had to work hard to get to where we are today, so many knock backs, but with one came a renewed sense of purpose.

The point of what I write today is: Never let go of your dreams. At aged 46 with 2 kids, I am now living my dream, living my passion and making music.

Too many of us do not even try. It isn’t easy but I it is worth it!

I have put my music to good use in humanitarian ways. I watch the faces of the punters be transported in time as we play classics. I love watching the looks on the other members’ faces as they make music.

Don’t ever let go of your Dream.

Namaste til next time lovelies

Laurainne Marshall (AKA Lo) lives in Sydney, Australia with her 2 kids, Hayley and Jamie, and her soul mate of over 30 years, Graham. Their furbaby is a beautiful Groodle  named Jarrah.
Laurainne has many roles - Wife, Mother, Teacher and Musician. She believes that life is to be lived at full throttle and is deeply spiritual. Her motto is “Grab life and run.” She also believes one person can make a difference in this world and hopes that by sharing her life experiences, she might inspire a few people along the way.
When she is not teaching through the week, you can find Lo belting out 80s hits in her band Soundproofed. You can follow the band on Facebook.

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