Be strange, be beautiful

I meet many people who disparage their uniqueness.  They belittle it, wishing they were ‘normal’, because they’ve experienced pain as a result of being different or strange.

As a kid, I had a pretty severe overbite, glasses and a home perm (hello child of the 80s!).  It’s safe to say that I spent some time wishing away my own uniqueness.

Nowadays, I’ve come to see the beauty in strangeness, and have realized that nothing memorable has ever been ‘normal’.  We are all so complex and uniquely beautiful, to limit ourselves to being normal is a disservice.

At this time of year, we’re told a lot of things are beautiful. Lights outside houses, seasonal music and decorated trees.  They’re all unique, many are a little strange, and yet we see them as beautiful.  Do we see ourselves the same way?  Can we take a moment and appreciate our uniqueness and see ourselves as beautiful?

Use the unique holiday beauty all around you as your cue to recognize your own beautiful uniqueness.


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