Be silly, be honest, be kind

photo by Jenny Ingalls Nelson

Forgive me for offering back to school advice when I don’t have children, but don’t you just love this for the kiddos? It’s fabulous advice for everyone, but why not include this advice in the back to school kit for your children?

Imagine if every child was taught to live by these 3 rules. Imagine if every adult remembered them.

Be silly – check!
Every kid I know has that one down pat; it’s us grown-ups who need to stop forgetting how to be silly. My friends can attest, that this is one lesson from childhood I have NOT forgotten. We frequently play games together, and are known to invent new games at someone’s birthday celebration. Be silly is one of my passions.

Be honest – sorta check
Sorta check for kids and adults. At my old day-job, I became fond of the phrase “everybody lies”. I honestly do believe that’s true, but it’s what we lie about that’s most relevant. Telling someone you like a shirt that you really don’t care for in order to spare their feelings? Sure. Lie away. Sneaking around and cheating on your spouse? Not so much. I think the kids are beating the adults on this one. Sure, kids will come up with playground lies to impress other kids, but if they hear that honesty is important, respected and (this one’s important) practiced at home, they’ll learn to do the same.

Be kind – this one’s a toss up
I’m blessed and have surrounded myself with people who are kind. I try my best to be kind, but I’d be lying (see above!), if I said I was always kind. There’s definitely room for improvement on my part here. Kids, too, can go either way. I have lots of memories of kids who were absolutely NOT kind to me, but I’ve seen many children being beautifully kind to each other. Again, if they see that kindness is important, respected and (yep, you know where I’m going) practiced at home, they’ll learn to do the same.

We all know that we can teach kids many things, but let’s not forget that we can learn from them, too. If you have children, watch them be silly. See their imagination in action and try a little of it yourself. Be honest and kind. Not only to your children, but around them. Let them learn these lessons from you. Show them early and show them often, and don’t forget to be silly.

Thank you for being on this journey with me.
?, Lara

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