Be Kind to YOU

Post by Lisa Humphries for the Kind Kindred series.

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Be Kind to YOU

Just like charity, kindness begins at home. It starts right in the front of your mirror.

If we are to radiate kindness then we really must start by setting the best example. The best example of loving-kindness is that with which we treat ourselves.

How often do you speak to yourself with a kind tone and kind words? How often do you choose kind actions and make kind decisions for yourself?

It is so important to treat ourselves with the kindness that we intend to treat others. Instead of looking in the mirror and criticising our skin, hair and body it is much more kind and nourishing to show thanks for a body that houses our precious soul. The wrinkles are proof of life, proof of laughter and without them how would we have enjoyed those precious moments? Our hair may not look like that day we stepped out of the salon yet it is most likely the envy of many women currently undergoing chemotherapy and dreaming of the day that theirs will return.

It often takes a lifetime of learning, the scars of hurt and a heart full of life lessons to finally accept who we are and realise that the way we treat ourselves is reflected in the way that others treat us too. If our self-respect is lacking then this is how we come across to the people at work, our family, our partners and our friends. It may not be immediately obvious yet it is there in everything we say and do.

In relationships we must always remember to mirror the behaviour that we hope to receive. A huge healthy dose of self-respect will not only boost our own inner feelings of worth it will set an example for others.

Self-care, self-love and ME – time are all concepts often misinterpreted as selfish or lacking in priority amongst the other demands of our busy lives. If you stop and think about it though, how can we possibly care for others to the best of our ability if we have not given ourselves the nourishment needed to live our best life possible? We need to turn this whole concept on its head and realise that we need to take care of ourselves FIRST in order to be the best Mothers, Wives, Partners, Managers, Business Owners, Friends and People.

In practical terms it is easy to dismiss self-care in favour of other seemingly more important daily demands however the impact of setting time aside for being KIND TO YOU will be huge. It does not have to be time consuming although can you really put a price on taking care of yourself?

Being Kind to YOU: the first steps

? Listen to the voice in your head today. How many times do you put yourself down compared to how many times you praise yourself?

? Start to turn your thoughts around to the bright side. Give yourself an imaginary pat on the back when you achieve something at the office, at home or in a relationship.

? Take a few moments in the morning to really appreciate the face that is your ultimate accessory. The eyes that see the wonder of our world, the lips through which the words you share pass, the nose that soaks up the smells good and bad. If we are able to embrace the beauty of our own uniqueness then this will radiate.

? Write yourself a little love note, in the future in your diary, set a reminder on your phone…tell yourself how beautiful you are and remind yourself to Be Kind to YOU.

? Surround yourself with the people who lift your spirits, the people who truly get YOU and with whom you feel a sense of positive energy. There is no more powerful yet simple change that we can make in our lives than to gather those close who appreciate our beauty and who share our kindness philosophy.

? Trust yourself, your decisions and your instincts. How often do you find yourself questioning your ambitions, belittling your goals and diminishing your lofty dreams. Stop It immediately, nobody knows you better than you and nobody is better equipped to make those lofty dreams come true than YOU!

? Think carefully about the concept of self-respect. Consider the role that authenticity, integrity and grace can play in living a life of loving self-kindness. If you are able to live a life that reflects the true you, is always honest and real, with an underlying sense of self-respect then you will always feel at peace.

Lisa is a single (aka soul-o) Mother, blogger, professional fundraiser, event manager and passionate volunteer for many causes close to her heart. Since experiencing brain injury and advanced breast cancer in her immediate family as an adolescent Lisa has been driven to support others by sharing her own story. Lisa lives in South Sydney, turns 39 in late 2012, is currently working on several national fundraising campaigns whilst volunteering with several non profits and blogging about her mission to BE the change.


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