Be Kind, Be Organic : Q & A Video Series

Hi! If you watched my video last week, I announced this video series & I am beyond stoked about it! In today’s video we’re telling you a little bit about the series & Tara introduces herself! (Don’t mind the crazy cut & my quick thank you at the end, Joel woke from his nap 🙂

You can visit Tara here:

The Organic Sister

Click here to learn more about the coaching kit I discuss in the video:

Digging Deep
A toolbox & workbook for personal growth, uncover your blocks, overcome your fears & move through your challenges

Before I did these videos here on KOM, Tara gave me the BEST pep talk. It helped me push through all that fear & just go for it, I am so grateful for her for that & for agreeing to do this video series!

I adore her & the message she is spreading. Her work is life-changing & I am happy to help her spread that to more people. Head on over to her site (which I helped redesign! Eeee!) & sign up for her free gifts, I’m telling you, you will not be disappointed. I actually got the BIG gift yesterday & I was so totally blown away by her generosity & the trust she placed in the universe & her genius, I just LOVE to see people do that – I have a strong feeling all good things are coming her way. Oh yes.

Thank you Tara, you’re an amazing woman. Blessed to know you!

Stay tuned for next Thursday when Tara answers some of your questions!

Love, skies full,

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