Be Kind, Be Organic Q & A Video Series : #2 : Overcoming Fear

This is the second video in the the Be Kind, Be Organic Q & A Video series where Tara talks about Fear. Answering:

– How do you move beyond fear to get to where you want to be?

– How do you push past the fear of putting yourself out there professionally?

Powerful, powerful stuff.

If you missed the first video, where we tell you a little bit about this series & where Tara is coming from, you can view that here.

If you dig what you’ve seen here today, hop on over to Tara’s site:

The Organic Sister
She has some really incredible & free gifts for you including an eBook : Be Organic: An Invitation to Change the World, A 90-minute coaching audio: 3 Secrets to Raising Happy, Healthy Confident Kids, Coaching on how to listen to & actually trust your intuition & the #1 thing you need to really thrive & how to get it — & then a very big, very special, surprise gift!

If you have comments or questions for Tara, please leave them below & stay tuned for next Thursday!

Sending you love, can you feel it?

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