BE KIND – As Best You Can with Mary Anne Radmacher

Hello Lovelies! I’m excited to welcome Mary Anne Radmacher in our ever-growing & gorgeous Kind Kindred Family today. In this post she talks about Kindness wearing many different faces, well, she does as well, she’s an author, artist, activist, trainer & speaker. You’ve probably all heard this quote:

Courage does not always roar.
Sometimes courage is that quiet voice at the end of the day saying…
“I will try again tomorrow.”

A few years ago, Mary Anne wrote those beautiful words to a friend who was going through some very trying times in her life. Since then, the quote has made its way around the world via the internet & has inspired over 10 million people. Mary Anne is an inspiration, her words have graced the pages of (great!) books, art & greeting cards among many other beautiful things. (Can you tell I’m a fan!?) Thank you Mary Anne, for sharing your words with us today, you truly are a gem. Big Love to you all, xoxo, Amanda

BE KIND. As Best You Can.

That’s what the inside cover of my February commonplace book/journal reminds me. Every time I open the book to write I see the admonition.

Occasionally it strikes me as kind of wimpy. As “best you can?” Seriously. That’s all you’ve got, girl? And these days I answer, “Yep. That’s it.” Kindness is often better informed upon reflection, upon glancing back. How easily the choices fill in from that backwards glance that did not seem visible at the moment of choice.

Kindness is a creative full of seeming irony and apparent contradictions.

While many are inclined to consider kindness something one DOES, I am increasingly convinced that absence of actions and words play into kindness more than I ever used to give them credit. Much of my kindness occurs in the realm of what I choose NOT to say, and actions that I opt to pass on. Even holding back that immediate, “You’ve got to be kidding,” when I stand in disbelief at some shocking action, is an act of kindness.

And to that reference of irony – the greatest kindness can masquerade as an action or attitude that first appears Unkind. On the big scale of kindness that seem counter to intuition…a dear woman once fired me. Yep. Handed me my walking papers. Rather abruptly, I might add. “And I thought she was my friend,” I remember thinking that day. Ha. Turns out she was. Firing me was the greatest kindness she could have served up – I began full-time attention to my young, company that had been struggling under my distracted, part-time attention. That was 25 years ago. And I’m still crafting the statements that are featured on paper goods around the world. How’s that for a kindness?

Kindness wears many different faces. And not all of them are colored with the first crayons you’d be inclined to pull out of the box. Sometimes kindness says, “No,” more readily than “yes.” Occasionally kindness says, “Enough, now,” instead of “Here, have more.”

The more I invite myself to be kind – as best as I’m able – the more I’m surprised by all the different outfits kindness wears. The great thing is this – all the variety of costumes that kindness dresses in – fit me perfectly.

Mary Anne Radmacher is an author, artist, speaker and trainer. Nearing a dozen published works, she has been contributing inspired aphorism, poetry and designs to the gift industry for (gasp) a quarter of a century (um, she started when she was seven. just kidding.) features her signature product line, she blogs week days at and keeps her content interesting on her author site: she rolls around in words and colors the way that her labrador retriever taught her by rolling around in fresh cut grass.


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