Be bold. Be authentic. Trust the bigness of your mission.

Post by Laurel Bleadon-Maffei for the Kindness in Business series.

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Be bold. Be authentic. Trust the bigness of your mission.

Trusting the authentic vision and wisdom of your business is one of the most powerful ways to seed your success. So often I mentor people who are tempted to water down their message so that people who are not their customers will be more comfortable.

The truth is, you are here as a beautiful unique messenger and it is important to step forward and share your message in all its glory. This way, your customers can find you.

Sometimes it feels vulnerable to share so boldly. Especially if you have a business that is a little left of center.

This is where you have to trust your audience. Remember, your people are looking for you, not a watered down version of you.

When I was first getting ready to launch my business, I was blessed to work with an amazing branding coach. She knew the bigness of my purpose and held me accountable to my authentic message. It was uncomfortable and I was tempted to play it safe. I was still in my corporate career as a market analyst and I was about to jump ship to launch my business as someone who talks to angels. I was going to call myself an Intuitive Life Guide. That felt like a huge stretch at the time. But my coach shook her head, “No, that’s too safe and small for you… You’re a Channel for the Angelic Realms.” The title was so big. It was scary and I wondered where I would find the courage to be so visible in the world.

I was nauseous for weeks.

But she held my hand and didn’t let me run and hide. As a result my first web site contained bold messages for the lightworker community I serve. I’m sure there were people who came to my site and rolled their eyes. I’m sure they still do.

However, I didn’t launch my business for the eye-rollers of the world. I launched my site for people searching Google in the middle of the night hoping for evidence that someone in the world gets them. I can’t tell you how many times people email me and say, “I read through your whole site and cried the whole time because it felt like you were talking to me.”


Talk to your audience. Trust me on this.

Whether you write a blog for gluten-free vegans, run a print-making business on Etsy or serve as a creativity coach… You are needed.

Trust that every single moment of your life has brought you here. No one else has ever walked in your shoes. No one else understands the soul of your business the way you do.

People you may never meet are going to be grateful for you because you will touch their lives in ways you cannot yet know. Give yourself permission to shine your light. The world will be brighter because of you.

You are a blessing!

Laurel Bleadon-Maffei is a Spiritual Teacher and Angelic Channel who specializes in mentoring other soul-inspired practitioners in developing and sharing their gifts. Through classes, angel readings & coaching, Laurel assists you in stepping into your brightest light. She also serves as a direct voice channel for Josephus & the Wisdom Council, a delightful group of higher guides. Her web site is Laurel is co-facilitating the upcoming Social Media Bootcamp with Soul designed to teach soul-inspired entrepreneurs how to use social media to grow their business.


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