Be a Kindness Cheerleader

One of the things that keeps people from being kind is that they think acts of kindness need to be huge, like donating time to a homeless shelter or starting a food drive. While those things are helpful and needed, they aren’t the only acts of kindness available. Be a kindness cheerleader – someone who helps others by being kind to them. I think everyone has this ability.

Smile at people, say hello and ask them how they’re doing.

I work at a hospital and there is one guy in housekeeping who makes me feel better every time I see him. How does he do this? Simply by saying hello and asking me how my day went. He does this every day and actually waits to hear my answer.

If you don’t know someone, smile and say hello anyway.

If you don’t know a person you don’t have to ask how their day went. Just smile and say hello. Most folks feel better when they see or hear a smile. “Hearing” a smile might sound odd, but tests prove when you smile people can hear it in your voice.

Strive to make people happier.

Another man at my work always whistles when he walks by. Then he says hello and tells me something funny to make me laugh. After every interaction I go away feeling happy. It takes about a minute on his part, but it stays with me all day. Be the person others want to see every day because you make their day better.

“Please” and “Thank you” still go a long way.

It might seem odd in today’s society but I still like to say please and thank you to people. I’ve had more than one person compliment me on my manners. They smile and thank me for that kindness. Three words and I brighten their day.

Lend emotional support to others.

Sometimes life likes to kick us in the teeth. When that happens, people handle it in different ways. Some go off alone, some want to talk about it and others need a shoulder to cry on or a hug. Why not be the person to help? Listening doesn’t take much, normally just a minute or two. Not much of a hugger? You don’t have to be. A small squeeze can go a long way. When you’re the one who needs the help, it’s nice to know there’s someone there for you.

Encourage others.

My sister is one of the biggest kindness cheerleaders out there. She supports my writing endeavors. Whenever I feel like giving up she’s there to encourage me. Some days she makes me feel better just by telling me I’m good enough.

Kindness is so easy – so easy in fact, that most people forget to do it. Be the person to start being kind. You’ll find the world’s a better place when you do.

Angel Tracy has lived in the Pacific Northwest for most of her life. She enjoys writing in all forms.

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