Baby Steps are Key

Who gets super frustrated when they can see a destination, but it feels like it’s taking FOREVER to reach it? Not just me? Cool.

Here’s what I tell myself in those moments, that might be the thing you need to hear, too.

Baby steps are key. Baby steps are the thing that gets you there…in a way that is sustainable, and maintainable, and long-term.

Now, instant gratification me (and you, too?) doesn’t always want to hear that. That part of me wants to believe that if I take giant, unsupported leaps it’ll all be great…but I know that’s not true.

If you’ve ever tried to work toward a physical goal, such as running a 5K or lifting a certain amount of weight, you know that it works the same way. Baby steps. Starting small, even starting at what seems like a crawl. As your body masters each small step, the next small step takes you further. A trainer will show you how to properly lift weight, or a program like Couch to 5K teaches you how to start running in 30 second intervals…and there are MILLIONS of people who have successfully reached their goals with these tools.

Mental or emotional goals work the same way. We start by figuring out our destination. Maybe it’s find a new job, or building confidence, or finally shifting that inner unkind voice. Then we find support in a friend, program or coach. In that supported environment, we learn the smallest steps. Each step we take gets us closer to the goal. We learn about ourselves, what works and what doesn’t…and we reach that destination knowing that we can maintain our progress.

So if you’re having an instant gratification moment, or kicking yourself for not hitting a goal yet, take a breath and let yourself off the hook. Keep taking the smallest steps. Don’t pressure yourself to reach the destination in some rapid-fire way. Find the support you need. If it feels like the right time to make supportive change, hit the big button below this post, or book a Consult here. I’m taking new clients and would love one to be you.

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