Asking for help

Is asking for help a touchy subject for you? What do you notice when you think about asking for help? Maybe it’s a no-brainer and you can easily ask for a favor anytime. Maybe it’s more of a challenge and you notice yourself resisting it or not accepting help when it’s offered.

Having fallen more into the latter category for much of my life, I’ve recently been reminded of the gifts that come from asking for (and accepting!) help.

The old saying: “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” is true in all areas of life. Professionally, there’s a reason companies have been putting folks in teams for more decades than I can count. Personally, I now write from my new home office, which a little over a week ago an amazing friend helped me completely put together! She offered to help me paint and what we got done in that day went so far beyond painting it still amazes me. I started the day hoping we’d get done the painting, thinking I’d have to move things back in when I had time during the week. The day ended with a fully furnished space – even including plants – and me having the time to make a pot of chili for the week. It was seriously unreal what we were able to get done together…yet I still noticed that I had to push myself to accept her help.

What do you notice when someone offers help? Is there a part of you that believes you should be able to do everything yourself? Maybe you love to give help but aren’t so comfortable receiving it. I get it…and I can confidently tell you that the people to whom you give help all the time genuinely feel amazing when you accept it from them. I’ll also share that it’s a major factor in avoiding burnout. When you continuously give and give and give, without also letting yourself receive, that’s a recipe for resentment and burnout.

Tune in to yourself this week and think about your relationship with receiving and asking for help. What do you notice? How is that working for you? Push yourself to ask for a little bit of help and see how it feels to receive what you give.

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