Ask For or Give Help

Number 3 in the Calm in the Storm series, AKA using my corner of the internet in the best way I can right now. Last week we looked at maintaining connection which is critical. As humans, we are a tribal species but we now need to physically isolate ourselves. Maintaining social connection is critical.

This week I want to talk about help. Being a helper and asking for help.

I just had the opportunity to chat with Shawn of the Think Outside the Lines podcast. Shawn is doing a special series right now to try and help folks get through this pandemic. I talked a lot about asking for and offering help.

Let me start with an offer. If you’re reading this and need a place to vent, get advice, need a question answered, resume reviewed, etc. – message me on social media or send me an email. Those of us who are able to help right now get to show up in support of those who need some help.

If you have help to offer, here are 10 ways to give it:

  • Find local Facebook groups in your community that have popped up to support folks who need it.
  • Donate blood.
  • Donate money to food banks.
  • Make a mask.
  • Buy a gift card from a local business.
  • Get takeout from a local restaurant.
  • Check in on single/elderly/high risk neighbors and offer to pick up and sanitize their groceries.
  • Have food delivered to a local hospital.
  • Teach someone how to use video apps so they can stay connected.
  • Leave WIC-approved items on the shelf and choose an alternate brand when you’re shopping.

If you’re someone who needs help, consider looking in these places:

  • Find the local Facebook groups that have just popped up and see what support is available.
  • Ask a neighbor if they can pick up your groceries or prescriptions.
  • Apply for mortgage relief due to COVID-19.
  • Call a support hotline if you need the support of a trained professional.
  • Swap out news for some feel good TV or movies or podcasts or books.
  • Call a friend and let them support you.

We’ve all been on both sides at different times in our lives. Sometimes you can be the helper; sometimes you need the help. Whichever side you’re on right now, please ask for what you need and give what you can. We’re all in this together…6 feet apart!

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