The Art of Creating Space in Your Life

Create space in your life so it has room to welcome the possibilities.

My schedule over the past 2 weeks has been so packed, from attending one meeting to the next, ensuring I stay connected with new and past business contacts, attending events, working with clients, wrapping up current projects, creating content and thinking about what the heck my plan is for the 1st quarter of 2018.  Additionally, there are priorities on the home front like being a present mother, staying connected to family and friends, keeping up with household duties and if there is any time left making sure I save a little something for myself.

Our schedules have become so jammed packed with things we have planned – social obligations, things we’ve said “yes” to (knowing we really meant to say ”no”) and things we want to see happen in our businesses or careers – that we don’t incorporate enough down time for ourselves.

Within our busyness we complain about not having enough time to do everything, which is absolutely true. We cannot commit to, do and be everything for everyone. Busyness has this sneaky little habit of taking you away from delighting in the simple things and embracing the moment.

In some way, with our over scheduled lives, we’ve accepted the story that our value simply rests in what we can produce; that we are only loved for what we can accomplish. We sleep less, we work more and we accomplish a great deal.

But in the process, we begin to forget how to be still,
and think,
and breath,
and pray,
and just be.

But just as we created our schedules of “busyness” we can also create a life with more freedom and space to truly enjoy it

What would it look like if we were more intentional about creating dedicated empty space in our lives? What would it be like to resist the urge to fill every single space in our schedule with something constructive to do? Would that book you’ve been meaning to write now have room to flow down freely from your thoughts onto paper? Would you be able to connect to the intuitive nudges about changing careers to something that’s a better fit and utilizes your strengths?

Here are 3 ways space makes room for you to see and receive the magic of truly living:

  1. Space provides room for unexpected opportunities.

Life is full of serendipity! Incorporating space into our lives opens us to these opportunities. Imagine if we were more present in the moment, connected to people appreciating those things that go unnoticed around us and rejecting the need to fill our schedules to the brim, believing the busier we are the more productive we’re being.

Take some time to analyze your schedule and responsibilities. Pick one thing you can delete entirely or delegate/outsource to a friend, family member, intern or paid help. Also, when scheduling be conscious to include transition times between client calls or meetings. This will give you time to take a breather and regain your thoughts before starting something else. Making room for life makes room for the magic of living.

  1. Space opens room to think and create.

Creativity needs time and space to breed new ideas. Over scheduled lives and cluttered minds hinder our ability to create. Develop a routine where you can empty the worries of the day to free up some space in your mind – whether that’s writing a fresh “to do” list for each day with only 1-3 things you would like to accomplish or taking time to acknowledge those things that you already completed. Also consider a note taking app, such as Evernote, where you can empty the ideas you’ve been pondering for some time. With a de-cluttered mind there are more opportunities to visualize, understand and connect your ideas in new and creative ways. A great step towards enhancing your ability to think well is to simply remove the excess around you

  1. Space gives us room to regroup.

When you are constantly burning energy to get things done you don’t have a chance to replenish. It doesn’t matter how many hours are in a day if there is no energy left to do the work. Whether it’s scheduling and taking breaks throughout the day or being intentional about shutting all electronics down at a certain time each day; having time for your body to recharge is necessary for success in business. Block out time in your schedule labeled “meetings” that you keep for yourself every week. Then if someone invites you to meet you will already have time blocked out. Give yourself the respect and permission to rest and wind down.

You are the only person who can reclaim your space. If that means thinking before saying “yes” to putting another thing on your schedule, then do so.  Protecting your space and time is the key to allowing room for the hidden opportunities to appear.

Raphaela Browne is a Certified Life and Career Coach, as well as a Nonprofit Organization Consultant, committed to empowering professional women and organizations to embrace change and transition seamlessly to the next level in their lives and careers. Raphaela’s main goal is to empower women in leading a life using their strengths, developing their unique leadership skills and equipping them with the necessary tools to thrive.
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