Arms “Why” Opened

Post by Kathy Stowell for the Kindness in Business series.

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Arms “Why” Opened

Halfway through a long overdue yoga class, while standing tall in Tadasana, we were guided to raise arms over heads to make a “Y” formation. It was pointed out we’ve just created a funnel to allow divine energy to pour all over us. Kind of like how that bucket of water does to Jennifer Beals in Flashdance. This cue splashed over us again and again until it finally triggered a memory of a recent exchange I had with my little girl.

Being a modern-day, online business-having Waldorf mama, I find myself with an interesting conundrum. I’m simultaneously embracing the principle of limited screen time for little ones but myself sitting in front of the computer more times than I bargained for when I signed up for this whole follow my bliss gig.

Though my schedule was designed to get the bulk of my work down before the kids are up, I’m sometimes busted sitting in front of the computer more times than the math gnomes would approve of. But you know how it is. There are quick emails that need to be sent in the middle of the day, coaching calls to be taken at the occasional bedtimes and kids that need to be recruited as production assistants for impromptu video shoots.

Once in a while their patience is tested. Those are the times I feel like Bliss Beyond Naptime is a third sibling I just brought home from the bathroom that the kids now have to share me with.

Similarly to how birth order can deliver a generalized but pretty accurate assessment of personality (take my middle-child syndrome for instance which might explain why I’m the only one of three kids who has a You Tube Channel), being raised as a child to a passionate work from home mom can offer some advantages to compensate for some of that potential sibling rivalry.

For one, getting to see their mama share her gifts with the world is kind of nifty.

Clamoring back up the Waldorf mama soapbox here for a second, another part of the Steiner philosophy I’ve embraced since the kids were wee is not over explaining things to children under nine. My girl is just on the cusp of that magical age so when I was asked why I was so excited to get to work once the babysitter showed up I said:

“I’m excited because I get to help other Mamas.”

How I remember that declaration. I felt pride and purpose. Dare I say cool even?

I sensed my daughter’s ears drink up those words and witnessed her eyes glisten from the synapse snapping happening behind them like she just got introduced to the meaning of life for a split second. Or maybe she was wondering what was up for snacks.

Either way, there was a powerful shift ~ in my business and mama mindset. This initiated me revisiting why I decided to birth this third baby and now find myself with unlimited energy to tend to its needs and demands.

And here I come back again to Tadasana. Standing solid, funnel arms, pouring sacred sauce all over me to rejuvenate, clarify and remind.

I was writing this morning bout how much fun I had on my trip to help other mamas decide to do the same so they can come back ll smile-ly like I just did (or massage, or knit night, or a take a workshop).

I helped a mama figure out ways to get more sleep tonight so she can have the energy to play badminton with her kids tomorrow.

I get to show this mama how to work from home so she can stay close to her kiddos like I get to.

I keep these explanations short, succinct but rich with the energy behind the intention.

And before the recommended nine year old era of word using pulls out this Waldorf mama trick I have here up my hand knit sweater sleeves. Hold your why in your heart and express it in all that you do all day. Even the most mundane tasks can be performed, and witnessed, with that same essence that makes up the love goop that is pouring through your funnel.

Word optional, I allow the sincerity of the statement to radiate from my heart to hopefully plant a seed deep within the munchkin recipient. A seed that will eventually sprout into a “Y” shaped seedling of course!

Kids are thirsty sponges, constantly sopping up the feelings and energies around them and are master imitators. So we are always teaching by example. So mind your ‘p’s, ‘q’s and sometimes ‘why’s, then share it with your kids on occasion then spread it on thick all over your clients, business and beyond.

Kathy Stowell wants to live in a world where all Mamas have crafted, through simplicity principles, the time and space to follow their creative bliss. As a Mama Bliss coach she has been featured on Raising Playful Tots, Extra Curricular Magazine, Sew Mama Sew and Simple Kids. When she’s not coaching mamas or creating ecourses you can find her loving up her two kids, husband, wiener dog and chickens or riding her cruiser bike to the beach. Her next project ~ a simplify-along of our home environments ~ begins September 16th. Find out how to hop on board this particular Simplicity Parenting ecourse train at Bliss Beyond Naptime.


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