Armoured Hearts

Forever lost upon the shore
With shells of smiles that shift
The sand left standing soft with scorn
But dry as skin sloughed off by snakes
That burn on pyres high above the tide
Absconded by a Sun that that sees
No sighs in silent lights
Yet cast-off clothes so sparkling bright
Like armoured hearts upright at morn
To face the fleet of flotsam found
Upon the waves of woven words
Winking at the wind that woes
In whispers warm ready to fight,
Cast in the star of a blind eye,
A wanton war we did not want.

Adriano Bulla, a servant of Calliope, was born in Italy and lives in London. He has been publishing books since 2005, when his first collection of poetry, Ybo’ and Other Lies hit the shelves; he has since published a surreal and unusual novel, The Road to London, which mixes poetry and prose, a collection of short stories, Tales for the Free Mind and Open Heart and a second book of poetry, Queer Poems, he has also published a study on Dante and Coleridge and a grammar book. His constant search for new and innovative forms in Literature, intense and unusual imagery has been accompanied by a growing awareness of social and psychological issues.


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