Angels in a Restaurant

An elderly man and woman sit in a restaurant;
the woman focuses on a plate of meatloaf and gravy
oozing over a mountain of mashed potatoes,
the man gazes at the ceiling, a fork in hand
gesturing as if forming images in the air.

If you peer into his thick-lens glasses,
do you fear being infected by the loneliness behind his moist eyes?

Can you recall when you last kissed his parched lips?

Do you remember her arthritic fingers clasping your trembling hand
as you stood next to your mother’s breathless body?

When did you cease listening to her monologue of swollen ankles,
aching joints, her dearest friend listed in the morning obituaries?

Can you remember when you last touched her taut face?

When was the last time you said you loved one another?

What unspoken grief imprisons you in adjoining cells?

Look up. See the face of the angel sitting across from you.

David was a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for 35 years before the publication of his first collection of poems, “A Heart on Fire, Poems from the Flames.” He continues to write poetry and makes presentations on poetry of Eastern and Western Mystics and leads poetry workshops as a faculty member of OLLI College at the University of Southern Maine. David is a regular contributor to Kind Over Matter. David plays the “Shakuhachi,” a Japanese bamboo flute used in Zen Buddhist meditation and celebration. He combines his flute music with poetry readings. He has taught Tibetan and Western poetry to Buddhists monks at Sera Jhy Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in South India. He earned his Master of Theology and Ph.D. in Pastoral Psychology degrees from Boston University. You can contact David via email or follow him on his website.

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