and the winner is…




The above print from The Light Garden will be coming home to you soon! =D

What do you wish for yourself?

Her entry comment was:
i wish…for a safe, happy, and healthy life for my son…that’s all i’ll ever need

As you wish for yourself, so we all wish for you. Sending you lots of good vibes, too.

A big thank you to Verity for donating her lovely art for this week’s giveaway, thank you so-so much, you are the best!

Sending lots of love over to Jamie, who was kind enough to let me use this wish. Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who entered, who shared their wishes. I think that was a very brave thing to do, to share your heart’s desire. So thank you.

Please visit our sponsors to your right, many of them have donated their work & time into Kind Over Matter, we thank them greatly. Consider becoming a sponsor!

Peace, peace, peace.


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