and the winner is….

Sara from inward & upward won Giveaway Thursday #11!


For this giveaway, the topic was about sharing a time when you took a chance on something, when you dreamed big, when you were a bit (or a lot) scared, but you tried anyway.

Sara’s story about when she was brave was:

Deciding to pack up and move to a strange city was definitely a big risk that I took – and it has SO paid off in the best of ways!!

Yay, Sara, I’m so excited for you, and so stoked that you won Power to the Peaceful. Hooray!

Kelli, thank you so very much for donating this print, it’s lovely and wonderful, as are you.

To everyone who entered: thank you! Keep an eye out for our next giveaway, which will be going up in just a little bit!

Peace, peace, peace.


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