and even the chrysanthemums

Post by Stephanie Moeser for the Kind Kindred series.

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I’m so pleased to have a follow-up piece from a favorite Kind Over Matter contributor, Stephanie Moeser. Stephanie shares her thoughts on accepting where one is at; accepting one’s true nature, in the beautiful poem, and even the Chrysanthemums“.

in my high school creative writing class, my teacher wrote:

She is the gentle chrysanthemum nearly lost amongst the showy, overblow roses, who she calls her friends

he wrote it about me

a gentle flower

my quiet nature and introversion not quite as valid as

their confidence and dramatic flair

but that quiet nature-that

was just me

is just me

and I think I have been fighting against myself

my whole life

i put pretty words on paper

willed to be true

but those words

covered deep truths

of comparisons

and less thans

i longed for someone other than


and so I hid behind myself


instead of remembering

who I was

and the words I wrote

were words of hope

for something



for someone


an other


my own resistance to my innate goodness

threw me off the path


and the birds still sang

the winter songs

their worth not questioned

and in the spring

the flowers bloomed

both roses and tulips

and even

the chrysanthemums

Stephanie Moeser is a social worker in private practice living in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. She supports people with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their families. When not working, she is awed by the vibrancy and spirit of her two daughters. She is a sometimes writer, and an artist in spirit. She’s a work in progress, learning that resting in her true nature is what brings happiness.
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